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Zelda: Sky Sword HD Guide-All Treasures-Where to find each upgraded treasure

The Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword HD There are 16 different treasures for Link to find in his adventures, each of which can be sold to Rubin in exchange for some sweet rupees or used to upgrade Link’s equipment. You will get some treasures by defeating enemies, while others will be found by exploring the environment and paying close attention as you move around.

There are nine small treasures and three rare treasures available for you to use. We have listed all of these treasures below and detailed where and how you are most likely to find them. You should be aware that acquiring and carrying treasure medals-by activating Goddess Cube 7 and opening its related chest-will drop treasure more frequently. Set aside all this, let’s go to the treasure hunt!


Amber Relic

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You will randomly stumble upon a large number of this special treasure type when you go out in almost every area of ​​the game. If you find that you need more in particular than you stumbled upon-this seems really unlikely-by searching around Faron Woods and Skyview Temple, you can usually find some.

  • Treasure hunt location: All areas, especially Faron Woods and Skyview Temple
  • value: 30 rupees

Ancient flowers

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This treasure is dedicated to the Lanairu Desert and the Lanariu Sand Sea. You need to time-shift the area to reveal them. The way these flowers are found and the nature of the location means that finding them is relatively simple in terms of location, but you may find that they rarely lay eggs and are therefore difficult to find.

  • Treasure hunt location: The time-lapse zone of the Lanaru Desert and the Sand Sea
  • value: 30 rupees


It’s time to take out your trustworthy insect net and start catching birds to grab some of this treasure for yourself. We most often (if not the only ones) find flocks of birds in Faron Woods, usually a flock of birds wandering at the entrance of the sealed shrine.

  • Treasure hunt location: Faron Woods-Sealed Temple
  • value: 20 rupees

Blue bird feather

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This special feather belongs to a small blue bird, which sometimes lays eggs with the flock of birds we described in the previous section. Therefore, the direction of looking for blue bird feathers in the wild remains the same. Scout the location near the entrance of Falun Forest and Seal Temple until you find the problematic bird, then use your net to catch him!

In addition to obtaining this type of treasure in the wild, you can also purchase it from the Moonlight Merchant Bagua Stone located in the Cave of Skyloft Falls after completing the Silent Domain Challenge in the area. You need to use the harp to make this stone appear where you see the blessed butterfly in the cave. But please note that the price here is very high, 200 rupees!

  • Hunting location: Faron Woods-Sealed Temple
  • value: 100 rupees

Dark Relic

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Another treasure that can be purchased from the Moonshang Bagua Stone, this treasure also naturally appears in the Lanairu Desert, and it appears in large numbers in every Silent Land Challenge Area. If you spend time sweeping all available dark relics in Silent Realms, then you really don’t need to spend rupees to buy dark relics from the merchant stone, where you will get enough money to complete all the upgrades you may need.

  • Hunting location: Silent Realms-Ranariu Desert
  • value: 30 rupees

Erding Ore

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This ore is unique to the Erding Volcano area and can be found anywhere in and around this hot and humid area, as well as in the Temple of Earth. Dig around with gloves-especially in front of and around the Fire Sanctuary. Searching for treasure chests is the most feasible way to investigate here. Make sure you dig out every place you encounter. It should be easy to see that you have enough things. Come upgrade any item you happen to be passionate about.

  • Hunting location: Mount Erding-Temple of the Earth-Sanctuary of Fire
  • value: 30 rupees

Evil crystal

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Obviously a rare treasure, in fact, by fighting the waves of the cursed Bokoblin, they can easily accumulate large amounts of evil crystals when you escape from the ancient cistern. If you go down to the arena below and are busy fighting instead of procrastinating there, you will get enough purple crystals to upgrade most of your equipment.

In addition, it is really difficult to find evil crystals, but you will find that no matter where you happen to find them, you will find that this treasure is dropped from the dark Lizalfos and Cursed Bokoblins. It can also occasionally be raided from treasure chests in the Lanairu area, or it can be purchased at a high price from the Moonlight Merchant Gossip Stone.

  • Hunting location: Treasure Chest in Lanairu Region-The Cursed Bokobrin-Ancient Cistern
  • value: 30 rupees

Goddess feather

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Now this is indeed a very rare treasure, and it can be found in a certain number of places. In addition to earning 28 or more clicks as a reward on Bamboo Island-the fastest way to accumulate these so far-you can also earn one reward for each available rupee in the simple mode of the Thrill Ride mini-game.

In the actual game world, one of the goddess feathers is located behind the cracked wall of Faron Woods (just next to where you find Kikwi Erla), and the other is located in the chest on top of the pillars of Lanayru Mine. Once you can swim there, you can also get the goddess feather from the water inlet of Faron Wood’s Great Tree.

Finally, you can buy the Goddess Feather from the Moonlight Merchant Bagua Stone, and you may also be lucky enough to find one while trying the Silent Realm Challenge.

  • Hunting location: Lanayru Mine-Faron Woods-Thrill Digger Mini-Game-Bamboo Island
  • value: 100 rupees

Golden skull

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These relatively rare treasures are occasionally dropped by ordinary Bokoblins, but most importantly, you will find yourself in battle with more advanced types of Bokoblins (such as Technoblins) you encounter later in the game to obtain them. We find that we can collect a considerable amount of these only through battle, but if you need more or urgently need them, you can get them from the bamboo island game (cut bamboo at least 28 times) and Moonlight Merchant. Stone will also Sold to you at a fairly high price.

  • Hunting location: Faron Woods Bokoblins-Skyview Temple Bokoblins-Eldin Volcano Bokoblins-Bamboo Island
  • value: 100 rupees

Wasp larva

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This is a relatively simple treasure because it only generates in the Deep Woods area of ​​the game. In order to catch it, you need to knock down the Deku Hornet’s hive-be careful not to be stung! -Then go to the place where the hive fell to see if you have some larvae.

  • Hunting location: Deep forest
  • value: 20 rupees

A drop of jelly

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Dropped from Chu-chus, Deku Babas, and Arachas. You can occasionally find this crumbling spectacle in the waterfall caves of Faron Woods, Skyloft and Skyview Temple, but in most cases you will get it by dueling the aforementioned enemy types You can find them no matter where you are.

  • Hunting location: Anywhere you find the above enemies-Faron Woods-Skyloft Waterfall Caves-Skyview Temple
  • value: 30 rupees

Lizard tail

Only dropped from Lizalfos (and Dark Lizalfos), this very common type of treasure can be found most abundantly in the Lanaryu Sand Sea area and wherever you find yourself antagonizing these lizard enemies. Through normal combat, we find that we have many tails and do not need any grinding.

  • Hunting location: Lanairu Region-Sanctuary of Fire-Temple of Earth
  • value: 30 rupees

Monster claw

By defeating any type of Keese exclusive collection, this treasure is another very common treasure, you just need to play the game without specific grinding to get a large supply.

  • Hunting location: Faron Woods-Skyview Temple-Earth Temple-Eldin Volcano-Lanaryu Desert
  • value: 30 rupees

Monster Horn

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This type of treasure can only be grabbed from the boss of Bokobrin, so the various fortress areas of Mount Erdin and the village of Bokobrin on the right side of the entrance to the Temple of the Earth are the best places to find these. Remember, you can also use the whip for stealing to get these horns from the leader!

  • Hunting location: Bokobrin leader in the Erding Volcano area
  • value: 30 rupees

Watch the skeleton

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As one of the most common treasures in the game, decorative skulls will drop from Bokoblins’ Mills where you can find them.

  • Hunting location: Mount Erding-Faron Woods
  • value: 30 rupees


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When they blow around the sand in various parts of the Lanairu Desert, use your bug net to catch them to catch this type of treasure. There are a few things to pay attention to here. Tumbleweeds will only be produced when you don’t run around, so stop and check if your surrounding environment encounters them. They will disappear when they touch the sinking sand, so Use your net quickly!

  • Hunting location: Lanairu Desert
  • value: 20 rupees

This is your destiny. Now that you know how and where to find every treasure in the game, you should be ready to learn more about our item upgrade guide. Otherwise, why not check out some of our other related guides in the Zelda: Sky Sword HD Center?