Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Yuji Naka, creator of Sonic and Balan Wonderworld, is making a smartphone game

image: @nakayuji

One of the most overwhelming releases in 2021 Balan Wonderworld – NS Sonic the hedgehog creator, Yuji Naka.

The title reportedly could cause epileptic seizures and was accused of featuring a “knockoff” Ghostbusters song, resulting in a significant drop in game sales. Naka broke up with Square Enix shortly after its release and mentioned in June how he was considering retiring.

But he doesn’t seem to be done Twitter message Thanks to the fans for his recently received birthday message, Naka revealed that he is teaching himself how to program a simple game for his smartphone device. Here is his complete message:

“Thank you for your birthday message. Recently I started studying the program again and I am making a simple game for smartphones with Unity. It is not a big deal because I am making it by myself, but programming for making a game Is fun. I hope you play the app. “

Balan Wonderworld
image: Via Nintendo

When Balan Wonderworld was released earlier this year, it was described as a disappointing platformer featuring monotonous level design, problematic performance, and shallow gameplay that wasn’t particularly interesting to play. Get a summary in our review.

Finally, have you tried Yuji Naka’s latest release? Want more games from the Sonic author? Please leave a comment below.