Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Your jelly farming adventure begins today with alchemy cutie


  • Alchemy cutie Ready to explore the entire island, packed with new jellies, items and quests.
  • Make friends with a village of stupid, fun, and sometimes complex characters.
  • Engage in a jelly breeding and alchemy system for you to master.

Hello!I would like to talk in detail Alchemy cutie, A relaxing adventure RPG set in the colorful island of Winba. Meet the villagers, take part in jelly contests and uncover the island’s secrets while tame wild jelly. Oh, it’s available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S!

Each jelly has its own generated statistics, characteristics, and over 4,000 visual styles. You can participate in the heated jelly competition for the highest award and tame, breed and grow the perfect jelly companion. And to really enhance the jelly’s abilities, use alchemy to create special items with powerful effects, or transform items into unusual and powerful ones. All the while, it mixes with the inhabitants of the island, forming lasting friendships and competition.

Alchemy cutie

Make sure you stay at home as there is so much to do everywhere on the island of Wimba and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and tranquil forests for a while. There are over 150 quests, unique side quests for various NPCs, jelly deliveries, and even weekly item delivery quests. So be comfortable, have a meal and get ready to connect with Yvette through many adventures on the island of Winba! Oh, you’ll also be equipped with Codex to keep track of everything! Codex is one of your best travel tools and stores information from your adventures and the items you find between them. With Codex, you can always see everything you find and all the information related to it. You will also notice everything you are missing, so look at it from time to time.

Alchemy cutie

What are you looking for? !!Your jelly adventure begins today Alchemy cutie With the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One! Follow us with us at PM Studios twitter When YouTube Similarly.

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Alchemy cutie

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$ 19.99

Alchemic Cutie is a healthy relaxing RPG set in the colorful island of Winba. While tame the wild jelly, you meet the villagers, enter the jelly competition and reveal the island’s secrets. Wimba Island is a huge place with lots of things to do. From exploring secret places to discovering new jellies scattered throughout the island. As the seasons change, so do the islands with new areas, different jellies and items. Please enjoy the attractive jelly breeding system. Each jelly has its own generated statistics, characteristics and over 4000 visual styles. You can tame, breed, grow and take the perfect jelly companion to your adventure. Make friends with a village of stupid, fun, and sometimes complex characters. Help them by completing the quest or just hanging out, interacting and getting to know them. Who knows … maybe hiding something … With flutes and a little alchemy, you’ll gain the ability to create special items with powerful effects. Or you can transform various items into rare and powerful ones. Join a thrilling contest with other villagers for a chance to win a medal with a proudly raised jelly.Features Ready to explore the entire island that changes with the seasons There are over 4000 possible jellies and lots of items and quests Make friends with a village of cute, bizarre and healthy characters Earn medals