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“I’m not the only one trying to destroy the nostalgic memories of middle-aged men,” says Robert “Rab” Florence, who introduces the presentation team ahead of the restart of E4’s GamesMaster. This is the first of many Scottsman lines that make a bitter smile in the next 45 minutes, but it suggests the tremendous difficulty this new venture has. Hosted by the legendary Dominik Diamond, the original GamesMaster was as close as possible to a semi-religious experience for many gamers in their mid-30s, so it’s easy to see why Florence enjoys the chance to restart. .. Delight those same veteran players. It turns out that he didn’t have to be so pessimistic-at least in our opinion based on an interesting opening episode.

This new GamesMaster comes from another production team and has little disruption to the connective tissue with the original run (with one exception, which we’ll discuss later), but the tone is It is impressive how well it is hit. Florence is the most admirable here. A confession fan of the Diamond-led series, he easily slips into the role his compatriots created many years ago, allowing a similarly likable co-host, but with a modest amount of playful humor. Inject. Franc keyword When Ty Logan – Room to establish a unique identity within the show.

The ward is of particular interest. She is a font of knowledge for all the challenges contained therein, and plays the role of an “expert commentator” often filled with random game journalists in the 90’s show version. Logan, on the other hand, brings infectious and youthful enthusiasm, specifically designed to attract viewers who weren’t alive when the original show aired. He often patrols studio viewers with a microphone and fishes for feedback.

Of course, the challenge remains the focus of GamesMaster. In this opening episode, the challenges are 50% based on Nintendo games. Super Mario 3D World When Splatoon 2 As a result, both are given a lot of screen time. This shows how popular the switch is today. However, as before, the show has other segments for splitting things.Florence erupting review Cruis’n Blast Taken on the banks of the River Clyde in Scotland, where he was born – is surprisingly effective, but the “Educating Grado” feature, where the host tries to explain aspects of video games to ignorant peers, Consolevania, One of Florence’s previous game-related shows.

Florence is the most admirable here.A confession fan of the Diamond-led series, he effortlessly slips into the role his compatriots created themselves many years ago.

Another segment shows expert gamers Sam tough Attempt an expert challenge with a VR title Beat saver, Another person is watching the presenting team work on a hybrid of driving / puzzle games Can’t drive this..Focused on challenges call of Duty When Mortal Kombat -Such Untitled goose game Appears on the screen for a few seconds – this new version of GamesMaster does a commendable job of not only picking obvious examples, but also displaying the rich experiences currently available in the video gaming world. Is no exaggeration to say.Given that the majority of the target audience is one step away from claiming state pensions, it would have been nice to see something more retro-related, but the series is still in its infancy and we think it will be. A few An old game to be exhibited soon (oh, and celebrity challenger DJ Snoochie Shy describes the original PlayStation version tomb Raider “Pixelized” is a confession because we have just a little bristles).

If there is one strong connection between the old and the new, it’s a cameo appearance. Alex VereyWell known to 90’s television fans as Big Boy Barry, a fictional character at Games World, a rival of Games Master.Verrey, who currently runs his own public relations company – actually Appeared in GamesMaster Previous He attended the show and showed off his skills Sonic the hedgehog.. His role in the modern Games Master is to coach Little Lad Larry, the show’s new “expert player” who will take on Snoochie Shy in Splatoon 2 in this first episode. The whole setup feels the cheapness of the 90’s, but it works for some reason. This is mainly because Little Rad Rally is a very likable character.

But what about the famous GamesMaster itself? Now, it’s no exaggeration to say that Sir Trevor McDonald was inspired by casting as a floating head who loves video games. His delivery is perfect and he has been given more room for jokes than the late Sir Patrick Moore had in the original series. Along with Florence, he is responsible for much of the laughter in the opening episode, and we honestly struggle to think of a better individual to play that role.

The restart of GamesMaster doesn’t try to reinvent the concept, and that’s what makes it work in our opinion-it’s very much an introduction to the original form of 2021 challenges, reviews and features. There is humor, everything is put together by some good presentations and good knowledge. So it’s a shame that this kind of show was pushed to YouTube instead of leading it on TV. E4 claims that this approach is “social first” and will be followed by television broadcasts, but with about 13,000 views per day, debut episodes rarely ignite the internet. Given the large number of viewers the original show might call, the decision to connect the restarted GamesMaster to the Internet first seems like a failure, but otherwise an interesting production. It does not spoil.

A very small number of narrow-minded fans will find this concept too “modern” to their tastes (one of the challengers identifies it as non-binary, but a super tough Call of Duty. The duo who play the challenge are same-sex couples), but the times have changed steadily since the 1990s, and it’s great that GamesMaster becomes very comprehensive and welcoming.

It’s also worth remembering that even the original show had bumpy moments. Perhaps in 2021, I was sitting with two children, a mortgage, and years of oppressed regret and suffering, so it wasn’t the best thing to remember vaguely. This isn’t the GamesMaster you grew up in-honestly, there’s no show so far-but it’s a workaround, and in evidence of this first episode, it’s still pretty good.