Friday, September 17th, 2021

You can now play as Kazuya of Iron Fist in Smash Bros. Ultimate

© Nintendo

Following Masahiro Sakurai’s display, Tekken’s Kazuya is now officially used as a DLC fighter Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition.

If you have already purchased a second Fighters Pass, just update your copy of the game.Otherwise, you can Purchase a new character in a standalone package 5.99 USD/5.39 GBP.

Kazuya has been provided with version 12.0.0. The complete patch notes are now online.This character comes with a brand new stage (Mishima Dojo) and a Astonishing 39 tracks in the Tekken series (new and old). There are also some new Tekken themed spirits that will appear in the Vault of the shop menu.