Monday, November 29th, 2021

You can change the pause function of Returnal to full save

Returnal’s recent 2.0 update finally provided a way for players to pause the game, turn off the PS5, return to the pause point and continue running. catch? The suspend point will be erased when you return. This means that you can completely bundle your runs in the next area and have to re-run through the long and punishing roguelike world. Players have discovered an exploit that turns suspend points into full-fledged savepoints. It can be reloaded many times like the save scum monster we are in.

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Please note that Returnal’s suspend system cannot be saved during boss battles, cinematics, first person sequences, or “fierce battle scenarios”. Keep this in mind when planning your next run.

Hopefully this will allow players to take more snapshots from other alien biomes. The 2.0 update also added a photo mode to Returnal..

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