Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Yes, Far Cry 6 has an early alternative to ending Easter eggs

Far Cry 4 is famous for including an Easter egg ending that allows you to “end” the game from the beginning. After that, Far Cry 5 repeated this trick, and as you can imagine, Far Cry 6 continues to keep the tradition.

Spoilers follow Far Cry 6’s alternative ending. If you want to find it yourself, stop reading.

Indeed, Far Cry 6 makes you work a bit It’s harder to reach your own early termination than in previous games. If 4 and 5 placed alternating endings immediately after the introduction, the latest article will play the game’s early missions (which took about an hour and a half) and certain points in the storyline to allow the character. Must be reached. Dani, to escape the Navy blockade around Yaran Island where they are.

After that, guerrilla leader Clara offers you a choice-fight for Yaran’s freedom or flee by boat to Miami.You obviously Meaning Choose the former, but the latter is completely open to you. You can check out the complete secret ending in the video below:

The alternative ending itself is fairly modest, showing ticks at Miami Beach three months after escaping. The news report stated that Clara was killed and the civil war was virtually over before mentioning the blockade of the pandemic, after which he played Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” in end credits. And that’s it.

It’s always interesting to see how Far Cry handles early endings, but it’s more fun to find the ending you want. Awarding Far Cry 6 an 8/10 review, reviewer John Ryan said, “Some of the most fun things I’ve spent nearly a decade in this series.”

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