Image: Nintendo

We previously heard that Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games was working on a “new 3D project,” and it seems that Ars Technica’s interview has brought it back up. Yacht Club game designer Alec Faulkner reveals how the Mina the Hollower engine is also powering a new “unreleased 3D game.”

‚ÄúThis engine is actually brand new, our team built it from scratch. is used in.”

Mina may resemble titles like Gameboy Color’s Link’s Awakening, but apparently “under the hood” she gets more commentary in games like Breath of the Wild.

Back in 2020, Yacht Club Games said the next logical step was to work towards a “big 3D game”, while also recalling that it was working on “new 3D projects” through its job listings. I was allowed to. .

Yacht Club Games just released Shovel Knight Dig, backed by developer Nitrome, and it looks like this latest release has been a huge success. You can learn about it in our review:

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