Corpse Party

XSEED Games announces updated version of 1996 Cult Horror Classic Corpse Party It will be released on October 20th at West Nintendo Switch for $ 19.99 USD. There is a 10% discount at launch.

The Switch version was originally released in Japan on February 28th this year. The original game was previously released on 3DS in 2016. This game is called “Battleless RPG” with decision making and point and click adventure gameplay. The outline of the story is as follows.

“Because the friendship ritual went wrong, high school student Ayumi Shinozaki and her friends were taken to an alternative reality version of a tragic facility on the premises of their school long ago. Revenge threatens their lives, and their sanity, the only hope for survival, is to reveal the chilling details surrounding the killings of those trapped in front of them. “

Below is a screenshot of the PC version of the game (Via Steam):

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