Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Xbox tweets about what looks like a parable announcement, confuses everyone and apologizes

Xbox Game Studios Publishing inadvertently caused a fuss yesterday by posting a tweet that seemed to point to an allegorical announcement. Before deleting them and apologizing, he said he hadn’t received the “Big Game News” about parables and the like.

The turmoil began account Representing an Xbox exclusive from outside the company’s wholly owned studio – tweeted, “I’m excited to start something special tomorrow! (Give me another day to prepare the chicken).” Posted.

Chicken was part of the fable’s sense of humor throughout the series, but it could have been harmless enough. Unfortunately for their social media managers, they followed up, “I would call it our parable anniversary, but the name is already in use.”

Of course, this excited some fans about the possibility of Fable’s announcement, whether it’s news of a series restart from Playground Games, or the possibility of a re-release or spin-off from an external publishing partner. bottom. Sadly, neither seems to be the case.

After that, both original tweets were deleted, saying, “Sorry for the confusion. There is no big game news or information tomorrow. [Playground’s] Upcoming Fable game. I still don’t know what the announcement really is (if it’s still going on).

I haven’t heard much about the next Fable game since it was announced last year. We know that Playground’s new team balances old and new ideas and is created using the engine behind Forza, but no further details are needed. It seems that the situation will continue for now.

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