Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Xbox Series X|S conquered the next generation in Battlefield 2042 in October this year

It’s been a few years since we last played the Battlefield game, but the technical wizards of the long-term series developer DICE have been working hard to bring the blockbuster shooting series to the next generation.The results are Battlefield 2042, A groundbreaking first-person experience designed to revolutionize the modern multiplayer sandbox as we know it. The game is powered by cutting-edge technology and features large-scale battles, bringing players into a near-future combat experience and subverting the traditional battle structure.

in Battlefield 2042, The world is on the edge. Shortages of food, energy and clean water have led to the failure of dozens of countries and caused the worst refugee crisis in the history of the world. These refugees are called Non-Patriated or No-Pats and are composed of families, farmers, engineers and even soldiers. In this crisis, the United States and Russia drew the world into an all-out war. No-Pat experts join the two sides, not to fight for a flag, but to have a place on the table in this new world.

This time, DICE is changing the traditional “loading” structure seen in previous games. This time, you will choose one of the four experts, which is a new type of playable soldier inspired by the traditional four battlefield professions. These experts will have their own unique expert qualities and expertise, and will have fully customizable weapons and equipment.

As an expert, players can use cutting-edge weapons, equipment, and vehicles (you can even call them in battle) to use in battle. These powerful new tools provide creative players with plenty of options to find the perfect combination for their game style.

The developer once said Battlefield 2042 Would be huge, but this is almost an understatement. With up to 128 players on the Xbox Series X|S, this unprecedented scale adds a new dimension to multiplayer combat. It also increases intensity by including real-time events that reshape the battlefield and tactical battles.

Battlefield 2042 Various sports modes make players excited. The first is called Total War and consists of conquests and breakthroughs in fan favorite game genres. These have the largest maps in the history of the series, allowing up to 128 Xbox Series X|S players to engage in head-on confrontations. To increase intensity, these maps are full of dynamic weather, dangerous environmental hazards, and jaw-dropping world events, such as tornadoes that tear the map and sandstorms that block the sun.

Next is Hazard Zone, which is a new squad-based game type. DICE only says that it is a modern interpretation of the multiplayer experience, but it will remain for a while. DICE LA has also developed another model, which the team calls “a love letter to fans on the battlefield” and promises that long-term players will feel at home. Unfortunately, we have to wait until EA Play Live on July 22 to learn more.

With its dynamic events and huge design, the large number of maps of the game will become the core of some tense and memorable moments. Let us take a closer look at your expectations of them:

kaleidoscope– This map is set in South Korea. After the attack threatens the global network, the map will see power clashing at the center of quantum-driven disinformation.

Manifest- Occurring in Singapore, this is a strategic flashpoint, vital to the US supply line and global trade.

track- Located in the jungles of French Guiana, this map shows troops fighting against time to control the rocket launch site.

throw away- Located in India, here you will find shipbreakers facing extreme tides as factions fight to protect nuclear assets.

Update – On this map, players will compete for a pioneering agricultural technology center in the Egyptian desert.

Hourglass With Qatar as the background, this map depicts quicksand and the lost shipping convoy separating the city center.

Get rid of- The last map shown took place in Antarctica, where soldiers fought for oil and gas because the ice around them gave way.

Are you ready for the next generation’s battle? Battlefield 2042 Preorders are now open and will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and Xbox One on October 22. PCs with EA Play membership and Xbox Game Pass for Ultimate members can also be booked at a 10% discount. Just like you need more rewards, players who pre-order the game will be able to experience the public beta first!