This is another record quarter for Microsoft’s gaming segment. This is mainly because, of course, we sell many expensive consoles to people.

Microsoft reported first-quarter revenue for fiscal year 2022, and among many non-game figures, game revenue for the quarter was $ 501 million (16) since the same period last year. %) It has increased. Looking at the previous year’s paperwork and doing the calculations, it was about $ 3.1 billion in the first quarter of last year and $ 3.6 billion in the first quarter of this year. This seems to be a new record for Microsoft’s gaming division revenue.

These increases were due to a significant increase in Xbox hardware sales, up 166% from the same quarter last year. Remember that the first quarter of last year was also a record quarter, but it was primarily software and game pass driven. Microsoft didn’t sell many consoles because the Xbox Series S and X hadn’t been released yet. No one was buying a cheap Xbox One in anticipation of a release.

On the other hand, Xbox content and service revenues are almost flat, with a balance between first-party game sales and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions (Microsoft unfortunately doesn’t share the exact number) and third-party games. Thanks to the decline, it increased by only 2% from the previous quarter. sale. This sounds unimpressive, but maintenance until 2021 when the world resumes is noteworthy, as last year’s content sales crossed the roof due to the blockade of COVID-19.

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Last week, another financial statement slightly colored the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Microsoft shared that subscriptions increased by 37.5% last fiscal year, below the target of 47.8%. It’s still growing and not as fast as Microsoft wanted.

Last year, Game Pass subscriptions exceeded the internal target of 71% by nearly 86%. This also helped explain last year’s content and service revenue. The last concrete number Microsoft provided to Game Pass subscribers was 18 million in January of this year.

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