Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Xbox Series S is in stock on Amazon

Probably the second time since the console was released. I wrote a post informing me that the Xbox Series S is in stock and can be purchased. Yes, it’s not an Xbox Series X or PS5, but for many, the Series S meets all your requirements, and above all, it’s available now.

Xbox Series S In Stock


Xbox series NS

If you want to get a new console with a wide variety of games, but don’t mind the output at 1440p instead of 4K, now’s your chance. It arrived at Amazon and somehow hangs there.

If you prefer to wait and try your chances, Wal-Mart will start stocking PS5 and Xbox Black Friday at 4 pm EST tomorrow, but only if you are a member of Wal-Mart +.

If you’re trying to get it for yourself or as a gift, now is the time. This decline lasted for almost an hour. This seems to be the new record since the Xbox Series S was launched last year. It’s a Black Friday miracle.

The fact that the Xbox Series S is available for purchase is a nice surprise, but for leg trading, check out all the best Xbox deals on this Black Friday. Now is the perfect time to get discounts on Xbox Game Pass and controllers.

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