Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Xbox recognizes the need to improve video capture and sharing capabilities

Jason Ronald, Xbox Project Management Director, acknowledged that the video capture and sharing capabilities of the Xbox Series X / S still have a long way to go, and confirmed that it was a priority for the team to do them right.

As reported by VGC, Ronald Iron Lords Podcast He was then asked if the company continued to focus on improving the game DVR / in-game recording capabilities of the Xbox Series X / S.

“Game DVRs are one area of ​​the capture and sharing experience, and we wish we could make further progress. [on] This year is better than we were able to do, “Ronald replied. “That is definitely our priority.

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Ronald also recommends that people check out Xbox Insider Program, It’s a place for teams to test new features and improvements, and a great place to hear feedback.

“As you know, the best thing I can recommend is [Xbox] We want to give feedback on where we meet and where we don’t meet the bar as we ride insider and bring new features and improvements, “Ronald said. , I heard a message. As I said, this year is an area where we want to make more progress than we do, but it will definitely be a priority for 2022. “

Ronald shared what the team had I heard a complaint in January 2021 And, like many things, these issues can take some time to resolve.

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