Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S are now open to countries/regions

Hello, outdoor survival and hunting lovers! field Launched today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We are happy to bring you this new outdoor experience. field It’s a different kind of outdoor game, including…


Survive in the wilderness field It takes planning, patience and all your jungle skills! Build camps, hunt and fish to get food, store supplies, heal wounds, make tools, cure diseases, etc. Master your health and inventory supply, and you will be ready to go out every morning to explore further, build new camps and improve your skills on the road to outdoor masters.



Hunting is the key to survival fieldIf you want to eat more than berries and mushrooms for dinner, you need to move quietly and have a steady goal. Mini games are abundant on the map and are a good source of meat. Large prey can be found by tracking to their foraging grounds. If big games see, hear, or smell you, they will be frightened and quickly run away. If you want to hunt successfully, you need to pay attention to the wind direction and keep the noise level low.

Waterfowl is more your speed? Pick up the shotgun and aim at the birds gathered in the nearby pond.



Your newest best friend field Is a well-trained hound! Your dog can find prey, track trails, and even retrieve small prey and waterfowl you photographed. When you take care of him by feeding and keeping pets, he will improve his skills and help you more frequently.



Jump on the boat and cross the waters to find the best fishing spot! Choose your bait and get ready for the fish to bite. Put away your catch, but make sure you don’t cross the line and let the big fish escape.



field There are three unique maps, each representing a different season; summer, autumn and winter. You will find different animals and unique dangers in each map. Explore each map to find the best hunting locations, build camps to store food and find the best screenshot perspective, but beware of predators. Animals such as wolves and bears do not like visitors, so please always pay attention to your surroundings.



The map is huge. It’s really big. Unless you hop on an ATV, boat, or snowmobile, it may take a while to get around. These vehicles are very loud, so if you are on your way to hunting, stop early and hike on the rest of the road, otherwise you will scare away all the games!

enter field Come and experience a new wilderness adventure today!

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You are in the wild now! After the backpack and rifle are installed, you can leave the city to live. Make sure to set up camp and light a fire before the sun goes down…wolves and bears are starving, and you look like dinner. Ranger needs the guidance of skilled outdoor athletes, and Gary of Snowridge Lodge can really use more games to help him through the tough months. Are you ready for the challenge of surviving in an open country? – Hunting, fishing, exploration and survival will allow you to withstand all kinds of severe weather conditions. – Pack your gear and equipment: each area of ​​the map is beautiful and dangerous in its own way-be careful, animals will not be excited by the tenants, so your backpack and ATV should be ready at all times. -Gary and the locals will give you many tasks to keep you busy, and you may even make a four-legged friend in the process. -Upgrade: better weapons, better equipment and better vehicles-are you worthy of the title of outdoor master?