Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Xbox next week: May 17-21

Welcome to Xbox next week! Here, we will introduce all the upcoming new games of Xbox series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, as well as the upcoming Xbox Game Pass and the upcoming ID@Xbox game! Get more details in the game below and click on its profile to get the available reservation details (the release date may change). Let’s jump in!

0 degree – May 19

The snowy wonderland is waiting for the platform action 0 degree. When the bundled pixel art climbers travel through ice fields, frosted peaks, through dark caves and steep traps, control them.

The never surrender of the sky knight – May 19 –Optimized for Xbox Series X|S/Smart Delivery

The Air Rider’s Never Suffering – May 19 – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S/Smart Delivery

In this 3D runner, survive a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit, tell the story of Wally (Wally), and he found evidence that can permanently change his city. Explore the amazing film soundtrack, show the real voices of Detroit artists, and explore the game world.

Crossroads Inn – May 19

Crossroads Inn-May 19

Real-time management sim card set in the original fantasy world of Delcrys. Build and manage your tavern, make visiting adventurers happy, and your service is world-renowned. Play freely in sandbox mode, or follow rich stories in Campaign.

Outbreak: endless nightmare – May 19 –Optimized for Xbox Series X|S/Smart Delivery

Outbreak: Endless Nightmare – May 19th – Optimized for Xbox Series X|S/Smart Delivery

Outbreak: endless nightmare Distort the survival horror game of the series by adding roguelike game elements. You will need to explore, find supplies, find clues and fight through each anomaly-each anomaly consists of half-processed instances, the environment and the undead are killing you.

Jay and Silent Bob – Fight – May 20 – Xbox One X enhancement

Jay and Silent Bob-Shopping Center Argument-May 20th-Xbox One X Enhanced

A complete 8-bit retro beat experience, including big levels, big bosses, and inappropriate references to View Askewniverse. Shopping mall quarrel You can strategically exchange between Jay and Silent Bob, or you can play with your partners. You can play solo in the cooperative experience. Through the throughs, criminals and security personnel, you can find out and enter the mall. The way to stop quickly.

Rust console edition – May 20

Rust console version-May 20

Welcome to rust, The only purpose is to survive. By building campfires and refuges, killing animals and protecting yourself from other players, you can overcome hunger, thirst and cold and other struggles from this acclaimed survival game.

Determine a foothold – May 20 – Xbox One X Enhanced Edition/ Xbox Play Anywhere

Definite footsteps-May 20th-Xbox One X enhancement / Xbox Play Anywhere

The evil Ramrafstar and his ferocious minion, Deletion Dave, threaten Computra’s world. They try to destroy the partition wall that binds everything together. Play as one of our four heroes: Pixel Pete, Polly Polygon, Blip and Plunk, they try to find a way to stop Ramrafstar before destroying their home.

Wild heart – May 20 –Optimized for Xbox Series X|S/Smart Delivery/Xbox Game Pass

Wild Heart-May 20-Optimized for Xbox Series X|S/Smart Delivery/Xbox Game Pass

Wild heart This is a whimsical story that revolves around two children who escape to a fantastic land full of magical creatures, can make new friends, and lose some lost guardians. Explore a beautiful, handmade world full of handmade puzzles and deep secrets. Welcome to the deep forest.

Top Secret of the Universe – May 21

Top Secret of the Universe-May 21

“Top secret of the universe” is a strange but formal term used by NATO for top secrets. The proper name for this game, because it needs a military license before it can be released! Top Secret of the Universe It has won multiple awards for its innovative way of interacting with players, and these documents are all documented. This game even inspired the creation of a life-size event at the Cold War Museum in Denmark. On both sides of the Iron Curtain, people who met incredible, absurd or exciting stories, including spies, army leaders, mathematical geniuses, fighter pilots, etc., made history.

guard – May 21

Guards-May 21

The four heroes are facing an army of evil! Ultimate abilities, magical artifacts, hero upgrades and smart tactics… all these will help defeat the boss. In this unique turn-based combat system, command a team of 4 heroes, 3 of which are fighting on the front line, and the 4th is restoring the lives of teammates.

Knockout city – May 21 –Optimized for Xbox Series X | S / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Knockout City – May 21 – Optimized for Xbox Series X | S / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Call all the brawlers!Team up and make it public Knockout city, An epic dodgeball fighter to settle scores in a team-based multiplayer game. Throw, catch, pass, dodge, and solve the dodge ball advantage!

Ascending hell – May 21 – Xbox Play Anywhere

Rising Hell – May 21 – Xbox Play Anywhere

Ascending hell It is a vertical platform game hooligan, full of adrenaline tics and a lot of Gothic metal debris. Fight among hordes of blood demons, escape from hell, unlock new characters and new talents, and create chaos in the randomly generated and constantly changing landscape of hell.