Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Xbox Game Pass coming soon: Backbone, For Honor, Darkest Dungeon, etc.

A new game full of months has arrived in June, and we know that you are very excited about the upcoming Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase on June 13. I have nothing ridiculous, but I am looking forward to your joining our show and digital experience! At the same time, we have a new batch of Xbox Game Pass games to enter. Let’s jump in!

Coming soon

Wild heart (Cloud) ID@Xbox-Available today
Explore a beautiful handmade world full of fascinating puzzles and deep secrets Wild heart, A whimsical story surrounding two children escaping to a fantasy land full of magical creatures to make friends, and a group of weird guardians who have lost their way. Welcome to the deep forest.

For honor (Cloud and console) – June 3
Heroes from rival factions clashed in endless visceral battles, and the war was fought on the land of Heathmore. Use your refined skills to win in a variety of exciting single player and brutal multiplayer game modes. Master fate and fight for honor.

backbone (PC) ID @ Xbox-June 8
The raccoon detective Howard Lotor is not a hero. He can hardly pay the rent. However, he accidentally discovered something so huge that it shook the structure of the entire society. Stunning visuals, evocative soundtracks and bold narratives make British Columbia’s dystopians inhabited by animals in this highly anticipated adventure after film noir. Let’s start, detective.

Backbone (PC) ID@Xbox-June 8

The darkest dungeon (Cloud, console and PC) ID@Xbox-June 10
The darkest dungeon It is a challenging Gothic Roguelike-based turn-based RPG that involves the psychological pressure of adventure. Recruit, train and lead a group of flawed heroes through twisted forests, forgotten Warrens, destroyed crypts and more. What is waiting is not only the unimaginable enemy, but also stress, famine, disease and the invading darkness.

DLC/game update

Black desert: The Great Expedition Update-now available
Set sail and participate in the updates in the “Great Adventure” Black desert! Adventurers can act as captains in naval battles, find treasures and fight against others! This new expansion also adds to the underwater ruins of Sycraia, a civilization submerged by a flood, a huge sea monster guarding a group of unimaginable wealth.

Gear 5 Pride 2021 Rewards Punch Card-until June 30
This month, join Microsoft and The Coalition, and support the social welfare organization of your choice through the MS Rewards Program.Complete one Gear 5MS Rewards Punch Card and get a set of Pixelated Hearts slogans that can be used in Gears 5 multiplayer games. The program is open to players in the following regions: United States, California, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Europe.

Human: Flatland X | S series updates and new forest levels-now available
Human: Flatland Now available on Xbox Series X|S! Cross-play with friends on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC, explore dense woodlands and snowy mountain tops, and find rest and relaxation in new forest levels!But don’t be afraid, this is Human: Flatland, The mystery and chaos are at hand.

Knockout city Season 1-Now available to Xbox Game Pass PC and Ultimate members
Join the bravest Knockout city Season 1. Experience new maps, competitive league games, weekly crew contracts (with epic rewards!), new game modes, cosmetics and more. See you in the street, brawler!

Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs –Part One – June 8
The first part of an in-depth study of caves and cliffs update on June 8th, there are interesting mobs, blocks and objects! Dive into the water and team up with the newts and meet the glowing squid. Be careful to step on higher ground, because the goat may hit you! Mining copper and using it to build structures that will age over time.

Minecraft Dungeon: Free Assault Captain Update and Anniversary In-Game Events until June 8
As part of the Minecraft Dungeons free update, join the powerful Captain Raid. Beat them to increase the difficulty of your missions and finally get valuable rewards!plus, Minecraft Dungeon A birthday party is being held to celebrate their first anniversary-you are all invited! Join the anniversary event until June 8th to get a series of birthday-themed party discounts that you don’t want to miss.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood – June 8
Xbox Game Pass members can enjoy a 10% discount! The Gate of Oblivion will open on June 8. Travel through the ancient land surrounded by demons and discover new stories, missions, monsters and challenges.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Privilege

Before they disappear through the Perks Gallery, go and claim these brand new Perks now. In addition, please pay attention to more exciting Perks coming soon!

Dirt 5: Power your meme pack-now available
Request the Xbox Series X refrigerator playground project and four exclusive Xbox equipment.

Super Animal Royale – Founder’s Edition Pack – Available now
Fight for furLively style! Receive the founder’s version of DLC for free to get 3 animal species and 10 exclusive cosmetics for early access!

Apex Legend: Knockout city Weapon Charm-June 3
Use the brand new Dodge This Weapon Charm brought to you by EA Play to show your strength to the game! Equip it on your favorite weapon and fight for style glory, fame and wealth.

Xbox Game Pass mission

Start your summer with a new round of sports and “Pride” theme missions starting today!

This is the best time to try Quest for the first time, because logging into the Xbox Game Pass mobile app can earn 4 times the daily points (yes, every day!). Download the app and log in regularly to accumulate points, which you can redeem for more Xbox Game Pass and other rewards.

Check out some new June weekly and monthly tasks you can start today:

  • Log in to the Game Pass mobile app (daily, 20 o’clock)
  • Pioneer (75 points): Kill 30 enemies
  • FIFA 21 On Xbox One (Ultimate Edition, 75 points): Goal 5 goals
  • Offspring (75 points): Gain 10,000 reputation
  • Major League Baseball Performance 21 On Xbox One (Ultimate Edition, 25 points): Create a player

Leave June 15

There are some great games that are about to have their game pass retired, and it’s worth researching in depth before starting. Be sure to show some love to these games, and remember that you can use your Game Pass membership discount to save up to 20% off to save them in your library!

  • Ace Combat 7: Unknown Sky (comfort)
  • Evening call (Cloud, console and PC)
  • Death west (Cloud, console and PC)
  • Legendary Wizard (Cloud, console and PC)
  • Observed (Cloud, console and PC)

This concludes our first upcoming update in June!Remember, if you haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can You can get the first 3 months for just $1 In a limited time. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure you have a sufficient supply of popcorn before you listen to the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. We plan to share more Xbox Game Pass news there. See you on June 13!