Wow, it’s been a week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox together! And as we take a step further towards our mission of providing games with when and where more people want to play, we have more news to share. Today, you can play game pass games from the cloud on your Xbox console. We are pleased to announce that Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) is now available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S consoles with Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. Launch in 25 regions Brazil is just around the corner. This feature was first rolled out to a subset of Xbox gamers with the November release and will be extended to all gamers in the market supported in the coming weeks.

He wants to find and try out the Xbox Game Pass game before installing it, but today we’ll do that. Now you can quickly find and try different titles in the cloud and get to the title you want to install. This is the flagship experience for the Xbox console. On top of that, if you receive a game invitation from a game friend who hasn’t downloaded it yet, you won’t be immediately disqualified. We built it so the experience is fast and easy and great for finding your next favorite game while saving hard drive space for the games you plan to play many times. The way.

For Xbox One users, cloud gaming also allows you to play next-generation games on your existing Xbox One console. This means choosing a game that is currently only playable on the Xbox Series X | S. Recompile, Moderate, When Lift breaker, You can now play on Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and cloud gaming. We will continue to support this feature and extend our cloud gaming library to add next-generation games such as: Microsoft Flight Simulator In early 2022.

So launch the console, look for the cloud icon and jump to your next favorite game.

This journey to bring cloud gaming to over 1 billion devices was a true community effort. Without this partnership, we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you very much.