Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Xbox celebrates the disabled community

We are honored to celebrate our remarkable community of people with disabilities. We have joined you as part of this community and have devoted our career to pursuing to make the game accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We’ve focused on making the game as comprehensive as possible on all platforms, so we believe it all starts with education and connections. As a member of the disability community, prioritize internal education on Xbox and Microsoft to clarify what your commitment to the disability community really means to each member of your team. Invite teachers and expert speakers to help teams better understand why this work is so important to the communities on which it depends. Examples of these educational opportunities include introducing Deaf culture workshops and offering courses to teach American Sign Language (ASL). Looking at the impact of this type of internal education, we provide hands-on advice to colleagues at work and to colleagues with visible and invisible disabilities on how to become a better ally.

Education is at the root of all understanding and is tied to our ambition to make games at Microsoft a truly welcoming and fun place to work for people with disabilities. We are committed to attracting and hiring more people from the disabled community. Not only do they provide the right skills, but they also provide a living experience that helps create the most comprehensive environment for the player. Another important part of our work is to create a safe space where people are free to become real self and be with others who understand as well as empathize. .. We hold Game Nights, Movie Nights, Coffee Chats and bring everyone together for support and friendship. These connections are very important, especially since the last year when many have felt isolated.

Focusing on these areas of education and connectivity will bring positive changes to the product and lead to how external viewers will use the Xbox. We continue to return to our guidelines: if you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude. With this focus, we continue to work to provide connectivity and joy to the disabled community and all gamers.

Join Xbox and Microsoft Gaming to celebrate and support the disabled community. Here are some ways to celebrate and raise awareness after October.


One Special Rematch: Rare games and playground games will face off on the soccer field to benefit one special day event of Special Effect!

The Xbox Game Studios, Rare, and Playground Games teams will play One Special Rematch on October 1st. Fight on the pitch and become the most skilled soccer studio on Xbox Game Studios. All in the name of charity! The event will benefit Special Effect, a UK-based charity that uses video games and technology to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities around the world. Xbox community can support Special effects And their One special day The campaign via Microsoft Rewards on Xbox will begin on October 1st (US) and will be available in the UK in mid-October.

Watch the video Moreover Learn more about SpecialEffect and the great work they do for gamers with disabilities. Support rare and playground games with one special day donation and donate to SpecialEffect today!

Join us in the fun and watch the match airing on October 1st at 6pm BST. For more information on the event, please visit Xbox Wire.

Xbox Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards members in the United States can donate reward points to organizations that support the disabled community through Xbox.

  • Special effects – UK based Charity We use video games and technology to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities around the world. The Xbox community can donate reward points to support Special Effects One special day campaign!!
  • AbleGamers Foundation – An organization that creates opportunities for play to combat social isolation, foster inclusive communities and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.
  • Warfighter engaged – An organization whose mission is to improve the lives of seriously injured and disabled fighters. Offer greater independence with custom-fitted video game controllers, recreational items and other solutions.

Xbox gamers can earn Microsoft Rewards points in a variety of ways, including downloading the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox and then playing and purchasing games. Earn points and redeem them for real rewards. Join today When Donate through Xbox..


Xbox accessibility showcase

As part of Xbox celebrating the game and the disabled community, Xbox will host the Xbox Accessibility Showcase video on October 1st. The experience begins with a video highlighting the work Xbox has done to work with the community to make the game accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This video highlights some of the most influential accessibility tasks ever done, a great community story, unveiled a lineup of new accessibility features coming to the Xbox player, and showcases future accessibility plans from the team. To do. The show demonstrates Xbox’s ongoing commitment to accessibility, continuously evolving and working with the gaming and disabled community to improve the inclusiveness of products and services that welcome all players. Watch this video. Learn more about the new accessibility features and updates announced at the Xbox Accessibility Showcase.

Minecraft: Education Edition introduces Microsoft’s Neurodiversity Recruitment Program

Two female NPCs head to the audience and welcome them to the Minecraft Office recreated in Minecraft.

The Minecraft Education team works with the Microsoft Inclusive Hiring team Case study video About Microsoft’s Neurodiversity Recruitment Program Minecraft: Education Edition.. In this video, the story is shared and groups join a set of customized Minecraft challenges, allowing neurodiversity candidates to be valuable in areas of competence such as teamwork, creative problem-solving, leadership, and communication. Explain how to provide the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. We are sharing this video to celebrate the Minecraft Disability Community in conjunction with NDEAM 2021 (National Disability Employment Awareness Month). With playbookAvailable to all organizations, it encourages neurodiversity candidates to widely adopt a comprehensive recruitment process.This is included in Talk at GA conference, October Xbox Accessibility Moment, and paper NS Minecraft: Education Edition website..

Check out Game Accessibility Conference 2021 (GaConf)

Microsoft is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Game Accessibility Conference (GaConf) 2021 is a free online public conference aimed at creating accessible games and raising the voice of players and developers with disabilities.Meeting contains sessions about Minecraft Comprehensive Recruitment Program When Horror game accessibility..

Xbox Plays Honors World Sight Day on October 14th

Thursday, October 14th, from 11:00 am PST to 12:30 pm Pacific Standard Time to commemorate World Vision Day, Xbox Plays hosts a stream featuring the creator Sightless Kombat to play Vale: Shadow of the Crown, An audio-only game for visually impaired gamers. Xbox Plays will also feature a streamer takeover for disability awareness during the week of October 18-22.!!


Microsoft casual games celebrate game accessibility ..

Microsoft casual game logo with four graphics representing high contrast, audio narration, keyboard navigation, and visual assistance.

By making the game more accessible and accessible, you can enjoy a gaming experience that players around the world can play for free.Use Frequently Asked Questions, Social Posts, and In-Game Messages – Players can learn how to enable high-contrast mode, turn on voice narration, use keyboard navigation, and take advantage of Microsoft Casual Games vision-assisted content and features. Learnlearn more here.. Enjoy with Microsoft casual games!!

Sea of ​​Thieves Continue to focus on player accessibility

More than 52% since its launch Sea of ​​Thieves Updates include accessibility features and improvements. Recently, these updates have enabled features such as singlestick play and narrated emotes. For more information Sea of ​​Thieves’ Accessibility efforts here..

Xbox Community Game Club Accessibility features

NS Xbox Community Game Club A weekly way to play, share and discuss games together as a community. In October, we will feature games with different accessibility features.Join us in the fun Xbox Community Game Club Main Page!!

play. connection. Impact: Details of Microsoft’s and Xbox’s ongoing commitment to accessibility in games here..