Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Xbox backwards compatibility doesn’t add games after today’s major update

Xbox has added over 70 games to its backward compatibility program. However, as Xbox announces licenses and legal restrictions, this significant drop will be the final set of games added. This means that you can no longer add games due to backward compatibility.

Officially hidden Xbox wire post Xbox has announced the latest drop in backwards compatible and enhanced games. ” For licensing, legal and technical restrictions. Thank you for participating in this trip with us. “

IGN has confirmed to Xbox that this is the last addition to the backwards compatible catalog and no new titles are expected in the future.

Xbox 20th Anniversary New Backward Compatible Game

According to a statement from a Microsoft spokesperson, the company said, “Yes, this is the last addition of the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox game to the backward compatibility program. The license has reached the limit of the ability to add games to the catalog. I did, legal or technical restrictions.I said this beforeBut to commemorate the 20th anniversary, we’re back again to add as many fan-requested titles to our catalog as possible. “

Xbox One was able to play the library of Xbox 360 games through backward compatibility. In 2017, Microsoft announced that it would extend backward compatibility to include the original Xbox game.

The Xbox Series X | S continues this feature and includes backward compatibility with Xbox One games and the original Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

The big and final backward compatibility drops announced during the Xbox 20th Anniversary Live Stream include the entire Max Payne series, Skate 2, and Dead or Alive games. Other franchises like Fallout received an FPS boost when running on the latest Xbox hardware. Check here for a complete list of backwards compatible games.

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