Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Xbox and rock star energy drinks unveil cans of Halo Infinite-inspired artist series

Today, Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink unveil five limited collector’s edition cans featuring the original Master Chief design made possible by five unique artists. The can has the flavor of Rockstar Energy Drink, which is popular with fans. Original, sugar-free, fruit punch, silver ice, and blackberry goji for a limited time in the United States. Starting from October 1st Halo Infinite Launched on December 8th, each of these limited edition artist series cans will give fans in the US and Canada the opportunity to unlock exclusive in-game content and win daily prizes from their copies. .. Halo Infinite For the Xbox Series X bundle. In the United States, there is also a very special grand prize inspired by the Master Chief. This will be awarded at the end of the sweepstakes at the end of December.

Meet the artist behind the can

Xbox is proud to partner with Rockstar Energy Drink and five acclaimed artists to celebrate the Master Chief hero. With a mission to bring to life the interpretation of Sparta’s courage and strength, the artist has developed a unique artistic flair with a unique color scheme that incorporates the key colorways of each Rockstar Energy product, and the aluminum abstraction of the can. The original design was strengthened by utilizing. The team behind the new can is:

  • Matt Taylor (Original): Based in Brighton, England, Matt Taylor specializes in illustration and comics. Throughout his successful decade of illustration career, Taylor has turned to Americana and classic comic books from the 1950s and 1960s for inspiration.
  • Oliver Barrett (Sugar Free): Oliver is an artist and designer from Cleveland, Ohio, and currently lives in Austin, Texas. He spent nearly a decade as a designer at a branding and marketing agency before serving clients such as 20th Century Fox, A24, Amazon, DC Comics, Disney, Variety and Vice.
  • Dan Manford (Fruit Punch): Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator working in central London, England, and runs Studio Dan Mumford Limited. For the past 13 years, Manford has been active in pop culture and music, creating everything from album covers, branding and screen prints to classic movie posters and new interpretations of albums.
  • Yuko Shimizu (Silver Ice): Yuko Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based in Newyork, creating works that combine Japanese tradition with modern reference points. Shimizu’s work addresses a variety of serious issues, but it can also be light and capricious.
  • Hydro74 (Blackberry Goji): Joshua M. Smith, also known as Hydro74, works as a designer and artist in Orlando, Florida. Through his 20 years of published work, he is known to push the boundaries of contemporary art. He is passionate about breaking new ground and expanding his artistic influence with the peers and brands he works with.

Exclusive in-game content and prizes

From October 1st to December 31st Halo Infinite Multiplayer players can score with the digital code below all tabs Halo Infinite The series is possible by unlocking Challenge Swap and 2XP to level up Spartan gameplay at startup. Fans can unlock custom in-game emblems inspired by the exile version of the popular Power Weapon, and the exclusive “Nocturne Star” collection of vehicles and weapon coatings for Warthog vehicles, Razorback vehicles, and MA40 weapons. increase. These coatings are created in partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink and are infused with gold and black camouflage tips.

When each can be purchased, fans will get an entry for the opportunity to steal a copy of Halo Infinite And Xbox Series X prize bundles. The prize bundle includes an Xbox Series X console and a digital copy. Halo Infinite, Razer Raptor 27-inch monitor, and Razer Kaira Pro Halo Infinite headset. In the United States, Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink also give one lucky winner the chance to win the ultimate grand prize of Rockstar Energy Drink and a bespoke Jeep Gladiator created by Hello. Inspired by the power of the Master Chief, the custom vehicle features a Master Chief-colored protective coating, huge 43-inch extreme traction tires, stylized body armor, performance upgrades, and terrain at all levels from rock crawling to cruising. It is equipped with a professional-level suspension that corresponds to. pavement.

For information on how to use the code under the tabs and the complete programming rules, fans should visit the following site: Halo.RockstarEnergy.com..

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