Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Xbox and MAC Cosmetics bring this Halloween game pass character to life

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, game and beauty enthusiasts have partnered with MAC Cosmetics, the world’s leading professional makeup agency, to create a Halloween look inspired by the iconic characters in the Xbox Game Pass title. To provide. Created by M∙A∙C make-up artists, the stunning looks bring the virtual world to life. Hello, Sea of ​​Thieves, When Psycho Notes — Provides consumers with tips on how to recreate the eerie look at home this Halloween season.

When he contacted MAC senior artist John Stapleton, he perfectly summarized the self-expression that both make-up and games offer. .. Makeup gives gamers the creative freedom to transform themselves into their favorite characters, while at the same time creating a fun and community sensation for people of all backgrounds. We hope these looks will inspire Xbox fans to come up with their own looks from games after Halloween. “

Artist: Alicia Martinez (as Mira)
game: Psycho Notes
character: Mira Bodello
tutorial: peace_love_alicia
Inspiration: “I wanted to be Mira and cool and warm Sasha. Fall-in-love and lens blur powder kiss eyeshadow to brighten my eyes, and behind the curtain shape shifter duo chrome shadow, glittering, traditional Mira I started by adding a new twist to the look of my eyeshadow. Next, after making my anime-style lashes the biggest spikes with Magic Extension mascara, I chose a calm nude on my lips, blended with a brit clip pencil, and all. Topped with Things Magical Power Glass. ”— Alicia Martinez, MAC Artist and Community Education Trainer

Artist: Martina De Rosa
game: Hello
character: Cortana
tutorial: martinaderosa_mua
Inspiration: “Cortana is a central figure in the Halo game and has influenced countless cosplay imitations and Halloween costumes for many years. When I bring this beloved AI character to life, I have her shining eyes. And emphasized the skin to emphasize halloween-like features. ”— Martina Derosa, MAC Artist

Artist: Romero Jennings
game: Sea of ​​Thieves
look: Recedy
tutorial: romerojennings
Inspiration: “My appearance pays homage to the colorful pirate cast encountered throughout the epic. Sea of ​​Thieves An adventure in search of hidden treasures. My appearance is easy and comfortable to wear using highly colored colors and easy application techniques. Of course, a pirate costume wouldn’t be complete without dark and stormy eye makeup. That’s why we used Blanc Eyeshadow for uncovered eyes to create the perfect smoky eye, accented with a cat’s call power eye pencil, magic extension 5mm fiber mascara, and 80 romantic rush. Next, we finished the look with pretty pleated powder kiss liquid lip color, Bean There’s Love Me Liquid lip color, and abundant lips made with Plum That. — MAC Cosmetics, Makeup Artist Lee Director, Romero Jennings

Get everything you need to reproduce these looks maccosmetics.com Or check out the Xbox Game Pass for more inspiration for this October Halloween-look game.