Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Xbox and Adidas Announce Third and Last Sneakers in 20th Anniversary Collaboration

Today we are excited to officially announce the third and final sneaker as part of the Xbox Anniversary collaboration, adidas Forum Tech Boost, the world’s first Xbox sneaker to buy.

Inspired by the Xbox Series X, the fastest and most powerful Xbox console in history, the silhouette of the design is a bold start in jet black, further enhanced with neon green pop and tech-driven details.

As with any good design, the details are always important, so we started with Forum Tech Boost. This is a shoe that takes full advantage of the past while incorporating the latest boost technology. This design agrees with the Xbox Series X. It’s a platform that drives technology to experience the ultimate gaming experience while experiencing Xbox for 20 years. The inside of the shoe, covered with a green liner and a black net, resembles the iconic green vents of the Xbox Series X. The sneakers also include a modern Xboxsphere logo with subtle highlights to represent the console’s power button and elegant style. Xbox Elite wireless controller.

Withdrawing additional design inspiration from the Xbox 20 to pay homage to the anniversary in a unique wayth Anniversary Wireless Controller Special Edition. Reflecting the grip of the controller, this shoe features a green heel and a translucent sole that is pulled directly from the controller’s shell.And as a finishing touch to celebrate this moment, there’s the little Xbox 20th Anniversary logo is on the lining of the socks.

Overall, we wanted to make timeless shoes, not just a moment. These are shoes intended to be played, worn and enjoyed in our community. It is always played and never played.

adidas Forum Tech Boost is available for $ 140 at partner stores worldwide and at For more information, Visit this adidas site..

For our 20th On their wedding anniversary, Xbox worked with adidas to design three iconic sneakers inspired by the most beloved consoles. The partnership is centered around our shared play legacy and has released sneakers that are exciting to wear for both collectors and gaming fans.

In October, we announced the first adidas Originals, Xbox 20 in Xbox Forum Tech, translucent green details inspired by the special release of the original Xbox console for launch Halo: Combat Evolved In 2001, Microsoft marked the first generation of games. Next, we announced the Xbox 360 Forum Mid. This is the first Xbox-themed sneaker available in the US and Canada.