Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Would you like the Switch Pro controller to be a little smaller? Check out the T4 Mini

Game Peripheral Maker GameSir today launched the latest controller for Switch, small The end of the scale.

The T4 Mini is designed for players who are a bit too bulky to play comfortably with the latest modern controllers like Switch’s official ProController. With gyro control, two-setting turbo capability, and all the buttons on Nintendo’s unique controller, the T4 Mini measures 14.3cm x 8.3cm and weighs 156g.

Most of the pads actually look very similar in size to a pro controller. Genuine The difference is in the handle of the T4 Mini. It’s significantly smaller than the handle on Nintendo’s controller, so even a small hand can access all the buttons without stretching.

It also boasts four different lighting modes, allowing you to connect to your PC, Android, or iOS device when playing games on multiple platforms. You can get a decent view of the T4 Mini in the video below.

be interested? You can buy it by listening to it from the GameSir website. $ 35.99..