Monday, May 16th, 2022

World record holder for Spelunky published as a scammer

In 2012, a player named Barry Mode completed the original version of Spelunky in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This set a record for the speed running of the game, which lasted almost 10 years. But now, as a result of the efforts of the gaming community, it has become clear that player blistering time is only possible through cheating.

As reported by WaypointBarryMode’s record time has long been suspicious for several reasons since it was raised by members of the speed running community.

BarryMode was not only an unknown player to the speed running community, but also questioned who he was in the first place. He also chose to take many routes that veteran speed runners found illogical. This made many wonder if they knew in advance the best way to get through Spellunky’s vast network of caves.

In addition, over the years, Speedrunners have raised their questions over the time of the execution itself. Not only was the speedrun in Barry Mode fast, it was almost too fast. Since setting the time in 2012, no one has reached a distance that can beat it. Despite community efforts, the closest time to Barry Mode is 2 minutes and 40 seconds, a significant distance margin from a speed running perspective.

When Waypoint contacted him, Barry Mode immediately admitted to cheating in the game. “I apologize for the deception,” he told the outlet. “It was a bad personality, and I can admit it.” Since talking to Waypoint, the content creator has removed a clip from YouTube showing his attempt.

The discovery of BarryMode’s deception was published in a video by YouTube creator Xanar GearProvides a detailed description of the community’s efforts to uncover the truth behind the fraudster’s cheating. In short, BarryMode seems to have used a modified version of the game that allows the level to be played over and over again to find the best path through a maze like Spelunky’s cave.

Other players found the cheat in the Barry Mode run because it lacked a tile with all the features except the first level of his speedrun attempt. According to XanarGear, with mods, the game starts at level 2. With this in mind, players are believed to have spliced ​​footage from the vanilla version of the game at the first level to avoid detection.

When Spelunky finally concludes the long-standing chapter on speed runner scandals, players from different games continue to develop different tactics, reducing speed running times by valuable milliseconds. For more information on the speed running community, check out this article, which explains how Portal Speed ​​Runner can interrupt the game on Valve.

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