World of Warships: Legend Introducing the first campaign with the selected ship as the final prize. It’s backed by a Halloween event, divided into two parts, and there are many more new ships!

Element campaign of choice

The Element of Choice headliners, the Tier VII Premium Destroyer Friesland and Loyang, are both very unique. The Pan-European Fleeceland is a perfect gunboat because it does not carry torpedoes. Meanwhile, Royan is the legend’s first pan-Asian ship, paving the way for others. Achieved 100 milestones in 5 weeks with the help of Active Admiralty and one of those ships is yours! If you need both, you have the option to buy what you didn’t select as a doubloon reward.

World of Warships: Legends-Halloween Event

Save the light in Transylvania and the darkness

October is a scary time.It’s a lot Legend There are Halloween events in two parts. The first is to help Transylvania reach the portal and escape the attacks of malicious Rasputin and his minions. The second, and vice versa, is to shut down the same portal altogether, but Rasputin and his minion fleet want to say that …

World of Warships: Legends-Halloween Event

Events are available individually and Saving Transylvania paves the way for Light in the Dark. Among the prizes are the Tier III Premium UK Battleship Bellerophon, the Tier IV Italian Cruiser Genoa-themed commander, and a selection of in-game items!

World of Warships: Legends-Halloween Event

Early Access Soviet Cruiser

More reinforcements for the Red Navy! Early Access arrives with three new, high-caliber gun-equipped cruisers equipped with sonar, Tier IV-VI Kotovsky, Gorky, and Tallinn, respectively. My personal mission is a compliment to each of them, and as always, the next update will make this alternative branch researchable, and Tier VII Riga concludes it.

World of Warships: Legends-Halloween Event

Changes in balance and improved quality of life

Career concealment, including dark silhouette skills, has been weakened. It’s easy to wage war with them now! As for other improvements, perhaps the biggest is the option to check the ship’s loadout before getting the ship, including switchable consumables. This works the same on Premium and Bureau ships.

Bravely confront this eerie season and turn the tide!

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World of Warships: Legend




Experience spectacular naval action at World of Warships: Legends. This is a global multiplayer free online game where you can conquer the ocean on the deck of the greatest warship in history. Recruit legendary commanders, upgrade ships, and claim Navy control with and hostile to players around the world. Control over 200 destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers to choose your combat style. This is the perfect set of ships for any playstyle, whether it’s a gun-shooting approach, a more cautious and systematic attack, or a unique tactic. to you. Frequent updates New content arrives regularly in the form of ships, campaigns, events, bureau projects and more! Each update brings new features to rock things in the game. Develop legendary ships such as Yamato from scratch with the FEATURE RICH Bureau, end epic campaigns to win exclusive patches and powerful new ships, and compete for lots of rewards in ranked battle seasons! Join forces with friends who change the tide in EPIC 9V9 battles to challenge players around the world, collaborate across consoles to devise strategies and plan attacks via voice chat. Work together to defeat your opponents and change the tide of battle! World of Warships: Legends has loot boxes called “containers” and “crates”. These offer a variety of items to facilitate in-game progress.