Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

WizKids announces the Gargantuan Tarrasque figure from 2022

WizKids desktop miniature designers have announced that next year’s Centerpiece Mini (the vein of the recently released Gargantuan Tiamat centerpiece figure) will be Tarasque, one of D & D’s most notorious giant monsters.

Patrick O’Hagan, Executive Producer of WizKids RPG, said: “Tarasque is legendary. There was no high-level campaign I did that didn’t have to deal with the nasty’world destroyers’. “

D & D: Gargantua Tarasque Mini Preview Rendering

Gargantua Tarasque Pre-order on Amazon Also Directly from WizKids, Will be shipped in the fall of 2022.

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* According to WizKids, the exact size and weight of the figure is subject to change during the design / manufacturing process.