Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Wireless 6-button Sega Genesis Controller for Nintendo Switch will only be available in Japan

The 6-button version of the wireless Sega Genesis controller for the Nintendo Switch seems to be available only in Japan, but Western fans should choose the 3-button option.

As part of last night’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that a variety of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games will be available on Switch Online as part of a new membership expansion pack. In addition to the new service, Nintendo has announced the launch of new (or perhaps older) wireless Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis controllers, as shown in the tweet below.

However, fans seem to get different versions of the controller depending on where they buy it. WesternDirect has shown a three-button variation of the Genesis controller, and Japanese ads clearly show the six. Button counterpart.

It’s a bit strange choice from Nintendo if the controllers actually vary from region to region. Genesis (known outside of North America as the Megadrive) was launched with a 3-button controller, but later introduced a 6-button version not only in Japan, but internationally. IGN is asking Nintendo for comment, but hasn’t responded yet.

This is not the first time US and European customers have undergone a short change in a button game. In 2019, the release of the Sega Genesis Mini created a similar story. The all-in-one retro console included a pair of 6-button controllers in the box, but Western customers were stuck with the 3-button equivalent, and many fans sought a third-party alternative. I came to look for it.

Sega’s iconic Genesis Controller is set to sell at a suggested retail price of $ 49.99 when released later this year. Western fans are likely to only get a 3-button version of the controller, so many players may want to look again at third-party alternatives such as: 8bitdo wireless M30 retro controller..

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