Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Winds of Change Review (Switch eShop)

Should we solve this problem in advance? The game has a “furry” character. If you have already issued a humorous barb in the comments, please re-examine your life. Winds of Change is an accomplished, visceral, and delightful visual novel. It does not deserve the ridiculous furry shame it was invented. That’s right, cheers. That’s it. So let’s continue the review.

Visual novels are hard to criticize As a game; The core of the experience is writing and your enjoyment, so what can really be covered elsewhere is the user interface, performance and possible visual effects. If we walked out the door and said that “The Wind and Cloud Change” has all the functions of a visual novel, combined with a wonderful and fascinating story, this is what some of you need.

You are a “prophet”, just like in a interesting In media resources The opening revelation was a flash past; a premonition, as usually possessed by the prophets, whose theme was the destruction of their homeland and a mysterious artifact called the Blade of Exodus.It’s a fun way to introduce players to the game—show them a crucial, terrifying moment of fate, and then “yes, leave that.” And, of course, you are basically reading the text, looking at the pretty good character art and background, and wondering where all this is going, and what the essence of the mysterious “Big Three” is.

Dialogue choices need to be made; extensive, too, because there is a lot of knowledge to squeeze out of this world, and it is great to be able to understand it in depth, asking characters to witness their many alternative dialogue chains, these content is substantial and litigation The program adds color. The dubbing is both detailed and wonderful, which is very helpful-the interaction has a very pleasant realism, and the serious line delivery does not make people feel overly nervous or “playing too much”.

It makes the game play at the selected speed, which is good because you can turn on the auto mode to (yes) automatically jump to the next line in time with the voiceover. And you should, because if you are exploding, it is easy to accidentally skip the dialogue, usually click the “A” button to jump to the end of the paragraph, but if there is a dialogue option to select it will automatically skip it, which is not ideal . However, we really recommend letting the game go at its own pace; there is a lot of dialogue, but all of this is to serve the characters and their relationship-whether romantic or otherwise-yes, it is very LGBT friendly . There are also some background statistics to consider, which will affect the flow of the story. The game will tell you directly when these start to work, which is a good user-friendly way to inform players that they (yet) have not messed up anything.

Breaking down text is some very (very) easy to explore elements, we mean you see a scene and can move the cursor around it to investigate certain elements à la Phoenix Wright. These are not complicated, essentially adding more details and appeal to an already rich story, but they can really change the rhythm very well (if short). Don’t worry about missing anything either: the game will prompt you when your latest inspection of an item triggers the next part of the story, and you can take a step back and dig deeper if you want. You can also use these sections to chat with your current “party” in various optional discussions. There is also a world map to explore, and you can revisit the area with new party members to unlock more words, but this exposes another problem in the game: considering the relatively static nature of the game, it feels quite loaded.

There are also side missions, but due to the nature of the game, these side missions will fail if the story is not interesting and well told; we believe this is the case, because the characters and the world in “The Wind and Cloud Change” are obviously full of enthusiasm and love. It’s hard not to appreciate it. We haven’t seen all the content anyway, but our clearance time is less than 20 hours, and the auto-play function is used throughout to get the most fun from the dubbing and rhythm of the game. Fast readers will naturally find that it is a shorter game.

Like all visual novels, its life or death depends on your interest in the characters and their stories; we think that if you know there will be a lot of text and dialogue-even more than most VN-and almost no public humor Or any real language, then you are likely to enter this field with a cheek tone to ease the somewhat intense storytelling.

in conclusion

This is a fascinating novel. With cleverly integrated choices and missable content, it has successfully proved the rationality of it as a video game, making multiple clearances a potentially attractive prospect. The performance of the entire dubbing is very impressive, the UI and controls are almost perfect, and the art is beautifully drawn, although we feel that the character can sometimes use more poses/expressions. Anyone interested in ripping virtual novel yarn-. Who will not have a lengthy prejudice against any and all “fluffy” content-will find a lot of love in “The Wind and Clouds”.