Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Windows 11: The best game ever Windows

Games have always been the foundation of Windows.

We made Windows a magical place where everyone can play, connect and create.That’s why we are happy Bring you Windows 11, With excellent graphics, amazing speed and incredible game options.

Immerse yourself in excellent graphics

With automatic HDR, games will look better than ever. This is a unique feature we provide in Windows 11 that automatically adds high dynamic range (HDR) enhancements to games built on DirectX 11 or higher , And previously only used standard dynamic range (SDR). HDR allows supported games to render a wider range of brightness values ​​and colors, providing additional richness and depth to the image. We introduced this technology to the Xbox Series X|S game console, and received a warm response from creators and players. We are very happy to introduce this breakthrough technology to Windows 11.

Play games at an amazing speed

With the help of high-performance NVMe SSDs and appropriate drivers, Windows 11 will soon be able to load new games faster than ever before, thanks to a breakthrough technology called DirectStorage, which is also our experience in Xbox Series X And part of the Xbox Velocity architecture first adopted in Xbox Series S.

Using DirectStorage (only for Windows 11), games can quickly load assets to the graphics card without causing the CPU to get into trouble. This means that you will experience an extremely detailed game world rendered at lightning speed without long loading. The “DirectStorage Optimized” Windows 11 PC is equipped with the hardware and drivers needed to achieve this amazing experience.

In addition to the new hardware advancements required to support DirectStorage, Windows 11 will continue to have the most extensive hardware support in the world. From our brand new Xbox wireless controller to mechanical keyboards and gaming mice, to Xbox adaptive controllers, to surround sound headsets, external GPUs, and more. Therefore, you can still connect millions of gaming peripherals and accessories to play the game the way you want.

Experience an incredible selection of games

Of course, even the best graphics and speed are inseparable from the game. This is why we created Xbox Game Pass for PC, a membership that gives you access to a library of more than 100 high-quality PC games across genres. Game Pass aims to bring the power of gaming to everyone. With the Xbox app now built into Windows 11, it’s easier than ever to access Game Pass. The Game Pass library is incredible, and as we announced earlier this month, you can expect things like Halo infinite, Twelve minutes, Age of Empires IV, There are more this year.

The PC version of the game pass includes PC games on the launch date of Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda, EA Play membership, and the PC version of Game Pass without paying additional fees or Ultimate, as well as selected titles from partner developers large and small, and more people are entering the library. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can also experience Xbox cloud games on your Windows PC through your browser, so even entry-level devices can play the largest Xbox console games. As we announced recently, we will directly add cloud gaming to the Xbox application on the PC.

In addition, because we are committed to player-first innovations, such as cross-play and cross-saving, you can play these games seamlessly across devices in a global community of millions of players. In short, Game Pass is the best way to discover and play your favorite games.

We are happy to bring you the best Windows game ever.

Welcome to Windows 11!