We are very excited to announce it Windjammer 2 Appears on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass (PC and Xbox)! The ultimate arcade experience, Windjammer 2 It’s best to have fun with your friends and we’re proud to offer it to the entire Xbox community. In addition, we are creating an online cross-platform between Xbox and Steam and Game Pass PC users. The more it is, the more fun it is.

But what is Windjammer 2 exactly?

You may not have heard of it Windjammer It used to be okay (but not, I forgive you), so let’s talk more about it.original Windjammer A game developed by Japanese studio Data East and released in 1994 on arcade machines and Neo Geo consoles. Simply put, it’s a top-down Frisbee game with colorful characters, super moves, strategies, and lots of mind games.

It’s basically a mix of Pong and Street Fighter, which is great.

Dotemu games were big fans. Therefore, I wanted to revive the game with a new episode.We worked very hard and spent months reverse engineering the game to be accurate and original. Windjammer Experience and gameplay Windjammer 2..However Windjammer 2 It’s not a remake, it’s a whole new game with completely hand-painted new graphics, new sick gameplay mechanics, new Kick-Ass characters, new stages and more. Let’s talk about the new characters, but today we’re announcing the last two characters to join the game, Jordi Costa and Sammy Ho, bringing a roster to a total of 12 disturbers from around the world.

Why is it so good?

What was made Windjammer What’s so special is that it’s easy to learn (like Pong), but hard to learn (like Street Fighter), making it a surprisingly exciting competitive game. And competitiveness means the real thing, even in tournaments and esports leagues around the world. Windjammer Flying Power League. NS Windjammer The community has grown since its first release in 1994 and we can’t wait to bring them to us. Windjammer 2 And jam with lots of new players!

of course, Windjammer 2 Following his brother’s steps, he continues to take advantage of his competitive roots! With the new gameplay mechanism added to the game, Windjammer 2 It brings a whole new perspective to the strategies and game plans you might think of to defeat other disturbers.

Do your opponents stay at the goal line and just defend? Use the new drop shot to drop the disc next to the net.


Or do they like to stay close to the net and put tremendous pressure on you? You can just lob on them or even grind the frisbee on the other side of the coat. They can’t see it coming and will have a hard time catching it in time!


The above are two simple examples of situations that can occur in the game, but the possibilities are endless.Beauty Windjammer That player has: You make games, and each game is different.

Fight the way to the top

Bring Windjammer 2 The transition to the game pass is Windjammer With the community, and online cross-play between Xbox and PC users, you can challenge players of all levels around the world and become perhaps the best disruptor!

In online rank mode, the competition is fierce and the challenges are exciting!Can you reach the top of the ladder and be the best? Windjammer World player? I will be online too, so please do your best. 😎🥏