Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

WinBack: Secret Operation Review (N64)

It’s easy to dismiss Winback without rethinking it. Developed by Omega Force, it is today famous for its long-running Dynasty Warriors series and related Musou spin-offs / crossovers, released for the N64 in 1999. This is probably the least known of the first Nintendo 64 products in the Switch Online service. The title that corresponds to the compliment banner that is recognized as a tear in the venerable Metal Gear Solid. However, this is inaccurate. There is a compelling argument that Winback is one of the more significantly influential N64 titles that, due to all its flaws, has a measurable impact on some of the biggest games in history.

It’s not the flapping of the contrarian gums. This third-person shooter brings some innovations that have become a full-fledged practice, but in reality they haven’t got the right credit. With that cover system, do you tap “A” to place it behind a landscape such as a wall or crate and look into it to take a potshot?pure Gears of War.. There is also a laser site for free aiming. It’s back in a spectacular style, most notably Resident Evil 4.

Of course, Winback isn’t better than either of these classics, but that’s not half the fun. It reminded us of Sega’s preference for short, sweet and arcade-like romps through most Dreamcast games, especially straight set pieces. You can easily pick it up. The switch control adopted from the original N64 controller is a combination of the “ZL” (required for Fire Fight) and “R” buttons used for crouching, and it actually feels very natural to the game. increase. Use “A” to aim and fire. It’s actually a bit old-fashioned, but it’s easy to get along even if you’re not playing on the N64 pad.

Stealth with the ability to rush behind the enemy and cold-cock the enemy bends in progress, but this is a fairly powerful linear stage design, a smooth cover base married to a basic collectible (ammo). A shooting game with blast (such as a large capacity pouch) and a partially destructible environment. Probably a little confusing, Dynamite punishment / / Dynamite Deca It provides a score aggregation after each, in a way that makes you funnel through fragmentary levels (but with more shots).

and Bonker In a great way that only games like this are. Strange plots and even weird phrases lend characters to Winback — of course, characters tend to define games of this era and enhance them to a much more enjoyable whole than the relatively unimpressive parts.

The trouble is that if you’re playing through Nintendo Switch Online instead of the original hardware, you won’t be able to save the game the traditional way because there’s no Controller Pak emulation. The built-in save state of the Switch Online app can help to improve this to some extent, but it’s a really nasty oversight and can significantly limit the usefulness of the Nintendo 64 features of the Switch Online Expansion Pack. I hope Nintendo will improve it soon.

Nonetheless, Winback is a fun and engaging little game and a little deep cut for the Switch Online choice. It won’t ignite anyone’s world, but it stands out from its initial release due to its sophisticated gameplay clear and clever level design and the potential for speedruns. Good luck with everyone playing with you, but there’s also a non-stimulating Versus multiplayer mode.