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Why these modders have Cyberpunk 2077 in their own hands

The 37-year-old Rick from Canada wants to fix the enemy netizens of Cyberpunk 2077 (those who like to invade you in battle). He downloaded a decompiler so that he could browse the internal scripting language of CD Projekt Red and fix some errors in the source code. What Rick discovered was far beyond his bargaining. Obviously, Quickhack features that have many enemies never seem to make it into retail discs.

Their names are like “HackDeath” and “HackWeaponMalfunction”. Rick tested everyone with a hack by modifying the game code to use the name he specified, and found that some of them worked, while others were not. He said: “For some of them, the hacker part works very well, but the status influence they exert is not at all. “In situations such as HackWeaponMalfunction, there are four or five differences in the game. The status effects of the names are variants of JamWeapon, WeaponJamTier2, etc. I tried all these effects until I found a feasible effect. “

Obviously, there was a time when some of the more powerful enemies in cyberpunk planned to carry larger toolboxes filled with glaring camouflage and cracks that could overheat your guns or weaken your actions. The purpose is Specially mess up V’s battle plan in each corridor. Rick can understand why CD Projekt Red did this. He said that for many gamers, it can be frustrating to be hacked by a group of dumb Android hackers. But he still wants to witness all the glory of cyberpunk before the game. Rick said: “I designed a game console for other players like me, and they want a more challenging experience.” You can download it on NexusMods right away.Called “AI Netrunners is enhanced.

Thus began the golden age of cyberpunk 2077 modification. Last year’s most anticipated video game landed like an atomic bomb.We see the larger gaming community scoring reviews, secret graphics downgrades, lack of features, and eventual full refund campaigns as well as A lengthy investigation of “what went wrong”. However, as we reported in February, the spirit of the zeitgeist has been developing ever since. What was left was a specialized mercenary country, and they searched the neon streets of the night city. This was not unexpected, because an excavation project was held. Once the game became popular on PCs and consoles all over the world, and it was obvious that all the creativity, visual effects and mechanics displayed in the roller coaster “Cyberpunk 2077” promotion did not bring it to the end. Therefore, modifiers Start to rebuild the myth. sheet.

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“I knew everything had to be done, and the CD Projekt Red hype to be cultivated didn’t help,” said a 22-year-old modifier driven by Wulfgaardian. “I know that there will be a lot of edited content that will inevitably need to be restored with mods. Despite this, I am still very satisfied with the game, but of course, it is difficult to look back at the early material and realize what it might be.”

Wulfgaardian and his partner KickingWriter took the lead in restoring the clothes worn by V in one of Cyberpunk’s E3 trailers, but these clothes did not become retail codes.

Wulfgaardian and his partner KickingWriter took the lead in repairing the clothes donated by V in one of Cyberpunk’s E3 trailers, but these clothes did not become retail codes. Download his mod, The protagonist once again has a pair of thick black boots, a red mesh vest and a pair of sweaty leather pants, which are tied together by a metal chain, once again blessed-as unique as a night city. The only way for Wulgaardian and his partner to modify the existing clothes is to edit the game files through hexadecimal, which requires a lot of trial and error to see what changes will really be reflected in the game.

Wulfgaardian explained: “I have to edit one of the many files responsible for the appearance of a certain clothing item. I can edit the colors and textures of different parts of the clothing so that I can restore the clothing we saw in the pre-release version. There are no materials available in the retail version.”

Finally, Wulfgaardian said that he and his partner can use the V he wants. They are not alone.As of this writing, the mod has been Save more than 10,000 times. Want the original samurai jacket for E3 2018?do not worry Wulfgaardian (Wulfgaardian) is there to cover you too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg at the Cyberpunk 2077 conversion site.The scope of other mods includes improvements in quality of life design (e.g. Vehicle tightening,) to small theme decoration, (more Mechanically-sustained person. ) The cadre has quickly scrapped parts of “Cyberpunk 2077”, just like the residents of the universe, they will happily rebuild the code in any way that suits your pleasure. (It must be said: There are a lot of porn game mods.) Wulfgaardian believes that this is in part inspired by the destruction of the game’s release status. He pointed out that modders has patched many bug fixes and quality issues. CD Projekt Red’s pending life improvement methods.After all, any PC gamer can now install Simplified repair of difficult inventory screen,or Added “walking” function. At present, Wulfgaardian believes that this loose network of independent hackers is curbing any attempt by CD Projekt Red to solve the 2077 problem and renamed the honor Cyberpunk.

“As time goes by, we will have to see if CD Projekt Red will be upgraded, but now I believe we have a responsibility to rebuild CD Projekt Red. [the game’s] Wulfgaardian said: “Because CDPR makes them wait for critical fixes and cuts to be delivered, the longer the game becomes obscure.”

“As time goes by, we will have to see if CD Projekt Red will be upgraded, but now I believe that it is our responsibility to re-establish the reputation of Cyberpunk.”

Of course, not everyone in the community agrees with his views. In fact, Rick said that he likes cyberpunk the most and just wants to do some work on the edge. However, no one can do this like a game developer.

He said: “I think people are very excited to add content to the game. I think this is a great environment to add more content, so I am very happy to see the suggestions made by people.” “But I think it’s impossible for modders to replace CDs. Projekt Red has features, so I am also looking forward to future extensions and patches.”

“Cyberpunk 2077” is a game about synthetic indulgence and unlimited debauchery. It is located in a city, even if it meets in a body shop, it can satisfy the most impetuous desires most easily. It’s no surprise that the community keeps these same lessons in mind. Will some aspects of the night city holiday disappoint you? Don’t worry, just add a few new lines of code and continue.

Luke Winkie is a Brooklyn-based writer and former pizza maker. He writes for Vox, Vice President, “The New York Times”, Gizmodo, PC Gamer, “The Atlantic”, “Rolling Stone” and any other content that can be found good.