Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Why fans are excited after the trailer of “Possible Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Old Chicago”

Earlier this month, Bungie make fun of Expansion for Future Destiny 2 and the new artwork of the Witch Queen. Although the image is small, it made the Guardian community excited about the impact of our trip to Old Chicago.So Yes Old Chicago, why did the players hype about its return? Let’s break it down.

First, let’s look at the rendering itself. You can see some small adjustments to the Hunter’s helmet in the image below, the changes seen from previous teases in early concept art. You can also see the sweet background behind the person in focus. Although it can be said that the background may look like EDZ or Nessus, most players are very convinced that this means that we will return to old Chicago to the swamp. The swamp of old Chicago has been mentioned in the evolving lore of the series in the past, but it has never been a physical place that the Guardian can visit. But this may be changing.

Each expansion will take the player to a new location to learn more about the world of light and darkness. With the completion of Beyond Light, Guardians are already focusing on the next step beyond Europa. In the image at the top of the article, you can see the old Chicago concept art that Bungie revealed in the past. Pay attention to similar environments?

Why is it old Chicago?

Bungie has shared concept art pre-expansion in the past, which has never really been integrated into the game. We recently saw it in Beyond Light, which is not uncommon in games, but Bungie has cited it many times in legends and works of art, and it looks like this may be the next step for our guardians. In the creepy context, this makes the former Resident Evil Village developer’s recent work on Bungie on Destiny 2 even more exciting when looking at potential horror elements. This is especially true when looking back at the horror elements experienced in the Shadowkeep expansion before.

The previous description of Old Chicago, provided by the studio itself, is a dark swamp, and the trailer image above fits this model perfectly. It also integrates well with the idea that the Queen will provide a new area, which is common when DLC expands on a large scale. Combined with the various legendary labels of Old Chicago (such as Pyrrhic Ascent) and the increased frequency of these nods, I bet this area will play an important role in the next step of the Destiny 2 storyline.

Given that Bungie likes to transform old concept art into exciting new fields to explore, um…

What is old Chicago?

We have never actually been there, so we only have legendary drops, but Bungie describes this swamp as an area full of treasures and mysteries. It is here that the guardian stepping into the swamp meets an enemy guarding ancient secrets about the secrets of the ancient civilization before it collapsed. Who are these creatures chasing the guardian’s footsteps? We don’t know, we don’t know what kind of danger they bring, or even if they will enter the game, but it seems we will find out soon.

As the Queen asks the Guardian to face Savaton again (especially the song now fully penetrates the final city), Old Chicago will become the perfect backdrop for this evolution. Savadon was dark, manipulative, and terrifying. A creepy mysterious swamp? The perfect environment for this confrontation. There are also rumors that another sub-category will be introduced, different from the stagnation of beyond light. Some people mentioned a decay-like force, although Bungie has not confirmed anything at this time.

What do you hope to see in “Destiny 2: The Witch Queen”? Are you sure we are finally going to Old Chicago? Say your thoughts in the comments section below!

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