Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Why Apollo Justice will be the best game in Ace Attorney

Can you imagine celebrating your 20th birthday? Does anyone come to you and tell you that your nervous and short friends / mentees are much more interesting than you? Well, it’s the 20th birthday of Ace Attorney, but it’s not. Exactly What I’m doing (and I’ll explain why in more detail later), I have to say: As someone who has played all the games in Ace Attorney (except for Survey 2 fan translation) , I firmly believe that Apollo Justice is one of the best, even though most people generally rank it below almost every other game.

First, let me assure you: I love Phoenix Lights.In fact, one of the main reasons I worship Apollo Justice is because Of Ryuichi Naruhodo.

This image was commissioned as part of Ace Attorney's 10th birthday
This image was commissioned as part of Ace Attorney’s 10th birthday

At this point, we’ve experienced three games as Nick and a chaotic junior lawyer who keeps forgetting his client’s name, or a relatively confident Edgeworth lawyer who happens to come across. Solve Various cold cases dating back long before his career began. Nick is not seen at the beginning of Apollo Justice. Instead, you’ll meet this turbulent weirdo who has a seven-year time skip and is obsessed with backstreet gambling and bad piano playing.

And it turns out that the garbage man is the same as the pointed-haired lawyer that we all know and love. What a wonderful twist to start the story. Take everything you know about the game and bring it to your mind. This is a clever way to let Apollo Justice, and the games from this point on, not be afraid to play by convention to overturn what people have come to expect.

I miss daddy light
I miss daddy light

And, of course, in the style of Ace Attorney, this rugged version of Phoenix Light is not only embarrassed and banned, but also put on murder trials. Well, it’s not really a capsize — it’s Ace Attorney Storywriting 101.

But I have to make a small confession here: I like the sloppy phoenix.Hello Tiny.. In fact, the Ace Attorney series began to devote itself to making the character very attractive around the time of Apollo Justice. Later, Edgeworth turned into a silver fox with strict glasses in the game. Of the existence of Clavier Gavin.

This may not seem to have much to do with why Apollo Justice is one of my favorites, but it has something to do with — Ace Attorney is always incredible to female viewers. Beloved so much, the game actually recognizes it. , And the artist will be inclined to draw through the lens of the woman’s line of sight. We have enough plump young people who don’t know how to talk about their feelings. I want more well-dressed young people to read books.

How can stamps make you cry?Play Apollo Justice and find out
How can stamps make you cry?Play Apollo Justice and find out

But I promise I don’t just like games for Hank. Apollo Justice introduces a new Magatama-style mechanic in the form of Apollo’s magic bracelet that tightens when someone lies. This needs to be proved by pointing out nervous tics, as if standing up in court. It’s stupid, yes, but Ace Attorney has never escaped from the ridiculous: remember the witness who was a parrot? Or was it allowed to literally call a ghost to the stand? What about the fact that your murdered mentor continues to live in the body of her living sister to monitor you? exactly..

In addition to the magic bracelet, Apollo Justice also has an entire recorded live concert that needs to be scrubbed to answer the questions surrounding crime, a family of magicians surrounded by mysteries and tragedy, and related cases. to introduce time travel.. Of course, fans are separated by these gimmicks — and the lack of Phoenix as the protagonist — but I loved them all, and especially in the case of time travel, how it confuses the seven-year story. For some shocking twists that are one of my favorites to date.

I was also crazy about La Miroir.Maybe it helped
I am Like crazy I am also in love with La Miroir.Maybe it helped

I think the best (and sometimes the most confusing) case is related to the cast itself. It does not necessarily mean that Maya has been accused of murder again, but is a case that outlines the character’s backstory. Knowing about Edgeworth’s dad (and the resulting trauma), Mia and Maya’s mother, the betrayal of almost everyone in Dahlia, and the shared childhood of Larry Butts, Phoenix Wright, and Mile Edgeworth Flesh the people you meet many times, making them more than your rivals and assistants.

Apollo Justice goes one step further, with all incidents intricately linked to the strange and mysterious Gramary family, Phoenix and his abstinence, Phoenix’s mysterious child, Torcy, and Apollo Justice himself. increase. Earlier games of Ace Attorney occasionally stumbled upon the inside story, but never got to know Phoenix so deeply beyond knowing that he was friends with people as a kid, and It’s really dirty when he’s not a lawyer.On the other hand, Apollo Justice has a lot of question marks around the secret family, the more secret family, and his existence. right From the word to go.

Sure, Mia's death was sad, but we knew little about her. Papa Phoenix, but? I cry
Sure, Mia’s death was sad, but we knew little about her. Papa Phoenix, but? I cry

You may not be able to convince everyone that Apollo Justice is the best game of Ace Attorney — and that’s okay.The best part of the Ace Attorney series is that not every game fails, every game fails. whoNS Favorite — But Apollo gets a lot of anti-aircraft guns, and I don’t necessarily think he deserves it. His debut game was a tentative step in a new direction for Ace Attorney. Ace Attorney defines many of the new games. especially The Spirit of Justice, and Phoenix and his friends, couldn’t be here today without Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

But tell me: why do you like / dislike Apollo Justice? Could you convince you with my opinion about the game? Let us know in the comments!