Image: Nintendo / Sega

Nintendo will expand its classic Nintendo Switch online library with an expansion pack that offers not only 64 Nintendo games, but also a selection of games from former Nintendo rival Sega’s Megadrive / Genesis library. Presentation.The game will appear on Switch Online 25th / October 26 (Depending on where you live) So this time next week, Expansion Pack subscribers will be able to enjoy a lot of 16-bit beauty.

Many of these games are now released on Switch, if not individually (like SEGA AGES Sonic the Hedgehog 2), as part of compilation (such as Sega Genesis Classics and Castlevania Anniversary Collection). Still, the 14 strong launch lineup of Mega Drive games has some heavy hitters and is a welcome addition to the NSO service.

But which of the following Genesis games is worth your precious time? Below is a list of incoming games. Please cooperate with the ranking. Registered users of Nintendo Life can click on a star to rate any or all of the stars on a scale of 10. Similar to voting on the Top 50 platforms, the ranking of results (coming soon) will be created from a database of NL user ratings. Therefore, it is still in flux and subject to change.

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