Monday, November 29th, 2021

Which Elden Ring class is right for you?

This weekend, gamers around the world will have their first experience Elden RingThe next action RPG born from the hearts of renowned fantasy writer George RR Martin and FromSoftware’s visionary game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki. NS Elden Ring Closed network testing allows players to explore Limgrave, a small part of the vast open world of the game known as Between Lands. As you play, fight everything from low-level enemies to powerful bosses and understand how combat and summons work.

Many comparisons have been made since the announcement Elden Ring And that Dark soul The series, and certainly many similarities, the game also introduces many new mechanics (stealth, who?) And elements like crafting and riding. There are many things we like and learn as we go through the closed network test. In the process, you make choices that determine how you treat yourself.

Of course, one of the biggest choices you need to make is which class to the meantime Elden Ring With the full game released in February, 10 starting classes will be available. Five classes are available for closed network testing. Keep in mind that no matter which class you choose, you are not tied to any particular playstyle. You can change the characteristics while playing and fine-tune the stats and weapons according to the enemies and environment you encounter.

Let’s take a closer look at the five classes of. Elden Ring Closed network test. You can see what each class offers and which class to use. I’ve listed them in the order I enjoyed the most, but it’s clearly completely subjective!

Enchanted knight

How the game describes them: “These knights embraced the power of Glintstone, confronted their enemies in close quarters combat, and cast spells at the same time. They often seek out and destroy those who use magic for malicious purposes.”

Starting item: Winged Spear, Carian Glintstone Shield, Carian Sorcerer Staff, Carian Piercer (Sorcery Spell), Glintstone Pebble (Sorcery Spell)

Best attribute: Intelligence (16), strength (15), mind (13), dexterity (12)

Who should choose this class: A person who has a long-range spear in one hand and a wand in the other, and likes to alternate between piercing melee attacks and powerful sorcery attacks. They also have the only shield that reduces 100% physical damage if you prefer to turtle up and go to your enemies and toes.

Who should avoid this class: Someone who wants to cast a very powerful spell in the game.

Bloody wolf

How the game describes them: “Wolves are cunning, immovable and deadly. These warriors are fearless and face death with unparalleled vitality and pride.”

Starting item: Bastard Sword, Iron Round Shield

Best attribute: Strength (16), vitality (14), dexterity (12), endurance (12)

Who should choose this class: Players who want to block, slash, block, slash, block, and slash. In many ways, this feels like a reversion to the early Souls games. Bloody Wolf, who has the highest strength rating in the game, absorbs a lot of damage with a shield while doing a lot of damage with a greatsword. Even when they hit, their high vitality means they can dispel the couple before they heal.

Who should avoid this class: Someone who likes to cast magical attacks and to stick and move swiftly with melee attacks.


How the game describes them: “A holy warrior with the ability to use spells to confront enemies or protect allies. Faith is the weapon of the Prophet, and they behave prejudicedly.”

Starting item: Club, Claw Mark Seal, Ricketti Shield, Heal (Spell), Beast Claw (Spell)

Best attribute: Mind (16), Faith (16), Strength (12)

Who should choose this class: A player who wants to use spells to defeat enemies and heal himself.Having the highest faith in the closed network test means that they are one of the only classes that can use spells (and Beast Claw is a particularly powerful class) and have the best mindset. Being means that they can cast them many..

Who should avoid this class: Someone who likes to hack, slash, and stab enemies.


How the game describes them: “Champions equipped with sacred seals and axes can burn enemies from a distance or defeat them head-on in close quarters combat. They are ferocious fighters and are not afraid of death.”

Starting item: Battle Ax, Finger Seal, Red Thorn Round Shield, Dragon Fire (Spell)

Best attribute: Faith (15), strength (14), vitality (13), endurance (12)

Who should choose this class: Those who want to have the right to fight enemies with powerful melee attacks. However, a high rating of champion strength, vitality, and endurance makes it an obvious choice for a murderous brawl, while a high faith score makes it the only other class that can cast spells. Dragonfire is also particularly annoying, allowing you to defeat large groups of enemies from a distance. However, a low mind score means that you can’t cast too often.

Who should avoid this class: Players who enjoy using sorcery attacks or ranged archery attacks.


How the game describes them: “Warriors are agility-based characters that use agility and acrobatic attacks to deal with enemies at close range. The default skill of warriors equipped with bucklers and medium armor allows for projectile-style sword storm attacks. To. “

Starting item: 2 scimitars and 1 buckler

Best attribute: Dexterity (15), endurance (13), vitality (12)

Who should choose this class: A player who sticks quickly and moves with melee attacks (avoidance is essential without a shield), or concentrates on using a bow for ranged attacks. The buckler is also the only shield that allows a parry block that opens the enemy to a very powerful stun attack that helps against the boss.

Who should avoid this class: Those who want to use sorceries, cast spells, step up and hit enemies.

Hope this helps you get a better idea of ​​the class if you could experiment this weekend. Elden Ring Closed network test. Check back often as you can be confident that we’ll get more information about Elden Ring in the weeks and months leading up to the February 22nd release of the game.