Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Where to pre-order games and viewing: The Legend of Zelda

Image: Nintendo

Updated (September 22, 2021): Pre-orders from My Nintendo Store UK will come with a free Microfiber Cross Bonus Gift (above) as soon as they are out of stock. If you have previously pre-ordered Zelda: Game & Watch from My Nintendo Store UK, your order will be automatically placed by the upgrade.

Updated (June 17, 2021): The pre-order page for Amazon UK has been released.

Updated (June 16, 2021): The pre-order page for My Nintendo Store UK has been released.

Revealed as part of Nintendo’s E32021 direct presentation, Games & Watches: The Legend of Zelda The Handheld is a cute little device that lets you play three classic Zelda games with a retro-style game and watch system similar to the Super Mario Bros. version released last year.

Start with November 12 As a homage to the 35th anniversary of the action-adventure series, the complete game included in this gorgeous little device is:

Both English and Japanese versions of these classics are playable, game and watch titles pest The link has also become the main character. The handheld has a Zelda-themed alarm clock feature that allows you to find a variety of Easter eggs.

This nostalgic novelty system certainly looks like a hot cake, so you should bookmark this page and check it regularly if you like how it looks.

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Pre-order the game & see The Legend of Zelda in the UK

As mentioned above, the official Nintendo option in the UK comes with a bonus pre-order gift. If you don’t like the bonus extras, or if you’ve already packed a microfiber cloth, there’s also the Amazon UK option.

Pre-order the game & see The Legend of Zelda in the US

Inventory is likely to come in and out with this, so be careful of restocking if your desired retailer is currently sold out.

Would you like to grab this with Master Sword and revisit this classic trio? Please let us know below.