Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Where to buy Metroid Dread Special Edition and Samus & EMM Amiibo

Update (July 30th): My Nintendo Store UK has started pre-ordering the amiibo Double Pack.

Update (July 14th): My Nintendo Store UK has added pre-orders for Metroid Dread games, including free keyrings, posters and sticker sheets.

Update (June 22nd): The amiibo 2 pack was restocked at GAME at the time of writing.

Updated (June 18th): GAME in the UK has begun pre-ordering the Metroid Dread amiibo 2 pack and special editions. go! go! go!

Update (June 17th): Amazon UK has begun pre-ordering Samus and EMM Amiibo bundle packs. Wal-Mart also accepts pre-orders for Metroid Dread: Special Edition.

Nintendo was very excited to announce the latest Metroid The game in their E32021 Direct. Metroid dread Developed by Mercury Stream. Metroid: Samus Returns With 3DS, the new game Released on October 8, 2021..

Pre-orders for Metroid Dread are currently being accepted in North America and the United Kingdom. You can pre-order the Standard Edition, but you can also pre-order the Metroid Dread Special Edition Bundle.

In addition to this, there is also a two-pack amiibo featuring Samus and one of her terrifying robot enemies, EMMI.

We are paying attention to the availability of pre-orders. Update this guide when the new Metroid Dread pre-order page appears.

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Pre-order Metroid Dread Standard Edition in the UK

Pre-order Metroid Dread Standard Edition in the US

It’s of great importance in the United States so far, and the prices are all the same. We will update it as we find better deals.

Metroid Dread SE

Pre-order for Metroid Dread: Special Edition in the UK

The Metroid Dread Special Edition comes with a lovely steel book case, an art book, and five art cards to celebrate each of the five 2D Metroid games. There is no doubt that special editions are popular because their inventory appears and disappears at various retail stores. Please check again later to see if your desired retailer is sold out.

Currently, it costs £ 79.99 from the official Nintendo UK store and is limited to one per customer.

Pre-order for Metroid Dread: Special Edition in the US

If you live in the United States, you have a few more options to pre-order the Metroid Dread Special Edition, but the total is $ 89.99.

Metroid dread amiibo 2 pack

Pre-order Samus and EMM Amiibo in the UK

In parallel with the game, Nintendo will release a cool looking amiibo that looks great, just like the previous amiibo in the series.

Tap Samus on the right Joy-Con to restore your health once a day and give you an additional energy tank. EMMI amiibo, on the other hand, upgrades the maximum missile capacity by 10 and replenishes the missile (also once a day). ..

Pre-orders for Amazon UK have started.

Pre-order Samus and EMM Amiibo in Euro is also in stock at the time of writing.

Pre-order Samus and EMM Amiibo in the US

All standard retailer options for this Metroid Dread amiibo dual pack in the US:

Pre-order Metroid Dread in Japan

If you have pre-ordered Metroid Dread merchandise, please let us know in the comments below …