Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Where to book Metroid Fear Special Edition and Samus and EMMI amiibo (North America)

Excitingly, Nintendo revealed its latest Metroid The game during E3 2021 Direct. Metroid Fear Developed by MercuryStream, you will learn from excellent Metroid: Return of Sams On the 3DS.

Pre-orders for the game are now open in North America. You can buy special edition bundles that look great, or you can buy them separately. In addition, there are two packs of amiibo for you to take, including Samus and her terrifying robot enemy EMMI

We are closely monitoring the availability of pre-orders in the UK and will update this guide when any new pre-order pages appear.

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Metroid Fear Sign

Pre-order Metroid Dread Standard Edition in the U.S.

Metroid Fear SE

Pre-order Metroid Fear: US Special Edition

The special edition of Metroid Dread comes with a cute steel bookcase, art books and five art cards to celebrate five 2D Metroid games.

Metroid Dread amiibo 2 Pack

Pre-order Samus and EMMI amiibo in the US

To complement this game, Nintendo released a beautifully-looking amiibo, which we think looks great. Although Nintendo has not yet revealed how Samus and EMMI amiibo will work in the game, we are sure they will have some worthwhile features.

Let us know if you have pre-ordered any Metroid Dread goodies and leave a comment below…