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Where do competitive Pokemon go from here?

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Two years have passed since Pokemon Sword and Shield started the 8th generation Pokemon game. Although resented by some fans, Sword and Shield, which most agreed, did not resent the competitive scene.

Pokemon tournaments are part of the Video Game Championship (VGC) and online ranked battles at Swords and Shields reflect the VGC ruleset. Both grassroots and official tournaments are frequent, with exciting rule changes every three months, limiting and unrestricting the availability of certain Pokemon.

Still, the next game is about to be released. Remakes of Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls have little impact on competitive Pokemon. At Pokemon Presents in August, the Pokemon Company stated that the November remake does not include ranked battles. January Next Year Pokemon Legend: Arceus will completely shelve online battles, albeit an intriguing departure from the usual officials.

Where will the competitive Pokemon remain when Generation IX hasn’t appeared yet? I asked the real Pokemon Master Aaron “Cybertron” Chung that very question.

Chung Channel

“I think we’ll basically be playing Sword and Shield next year,” Chung said. “If Generation IX doesn’t appear in 2023 and you play Sword and Shield for another two years, it’s a long time. That makes me a little worried.”

When we call Chung the Pokemon Master, we mean that. He has participated in eight different VGC World Championships since 2008 and has won several regional and national championships.He is also informative YouTube channel Pokemon Company International has hired Chung to comment on multiple international and world championship tournaments, making him one of the most prominent professionals in competitive Pokemon. He knows his stuff is okay.

Chung’s dedication is the perfect person to comment on the challenges faced by competitive Pokemon players and the difficulty of growing the scene. In particular, we asked him his thoughts on the inaccessibility of Pokemon. At first glance, it’s a simple game, but it takes a lot of time and requires knowledge of many esoteric mechanics to build a competitive team. You just can’t take your favorite month and find success online.

Torkoal Stats.JPG

For example, it can take several hours to breed Torkoal on a zero speed IV so that you can attack first when you are under the Trick Room.If it sounds like another language to you, it’s just one corner Avalugg.. You need to understand the value of effort, the nature, the movement of the egg, the hidden abilities, the items held, etc., and the swords and shields do not explain these complications well. It’s up to people like Zheng to break it down with each battle on a platform like YouTube. And even with the help, jumping into a competitive Pokemon can be a daunting task.

Think about League of Legends. Yes, you play casually, but anyone who does so can participate in and follow major tournaments. For Pokemon, it’s a very complex part of the game you have to find and invest in.

“Competitive Pokemon has always felt that many people don’t know about it or feel it’s somewhat inaccessible,” Chung said. “This is a very small component of the Pokemon brand, but other games are based on a fiercely competitive scene. League of Legends.. Yes, you play casually, but anyone who does so can participate in and follow major tournaments. For Pokemon, it’s a very complex part of the game you have to find and invest in. “

Sword and Shield introduced Nature Mint and could easily borrow teams built by other players, but the developer Game Freak was still able to make a lot more clear. However, Zheng does not consider accessibility to be the main issue. Rather, he wants competitive Pokemon to be more promoted in the game itself. He introduced how League of Legends game clients advertise when they open a world championship. Pokemon don’t advertise much in the game, so players can come across tournaments elsewhere.

Despite this, it’s not all Helger When Melancholy For competitive Literally everythingThe face-to-face Pokemon event was shelved when the pandemic occurred. Chung attended the event before that and said about it:

“The regional championship in Dallas was wild. It really felt we were the biggest regional in the last few years and 2020 would be a great year for the scene to explode.”

Chung hopes that when the face-to-face event comes back next year, interest will rise again in the highly competitive scene. It does not mean that the pandemic has stopped Chung’s play. On his YouTube channel, Zheng introduces a new team every two days built by players around the world, keeping them up to date when meta changes occur, while the thinking process behind each play. Is explained in detail. The video below shows what you can expect from his channel.

“It’s mostly just a passion,” Zheng said when asked how to upload a set of matches almost every day for two years. “Sword and Shield was very exciting. I just see a lot of people coming in. There are a lot of cool teams to try. People always share a team with me.”

Besides watching Chung’s channel and browsing communities like VGC subreddit, He provided some advice to those who want to learn how to compete:

It’s a game where even the best players always lose. Don’t be afraid to lose … there is no right way to play Pokemon-see what works for you and go from there.

“This is a game that even the best players always lose. Don’t be afraid to lose. Loss is your best way to really learn. Team building can also be quite daunting. That’s why I usually recommend it to anyone who wants to try some of the more successful teams. And overall, don’t forget to enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying the game, leave or leave. Try a new team or take a break from the game. There is no right way to play Pokemon. See what suits you and proceed from there. “

Pokemon Company Recently announced The ranked battles soon rehashed the ruleset that was first introduced in February last year, disappointing many players. You may also not hear anything about Generation IX until Pokemon Legend: Arceus launches early next year. But content creators and competitors are as passionate as Chung continues to illuminate the torches, making games that are complex, inaccessible, and poorly advertised easier for thousands of people to digest. I am doing it. Month.

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