Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

When the chorus pre-order is released, we will prepare to adventure beyond the void


  • chorus Pre-orders for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S are available and will be available on December 3rd.
  • Play with her perceptual starfighter, Forsaken, as Nara, an ace pilot with a haunted past.
  • Pre-order today to receive your Elder Armor Skin Set.

chorus Is an exciting sci-fi adventure, playing with ace pilot Nara, who has a haunted past, and her perceptual starfighter Forsaken, unraveling their mysterious inside story and fighting for redemption. Participate in.

Movie-like single-player experience, chorus Empower you with devastating weapons and bending abilities known as power rituals to fight to free the galaxy from the oppressive cult circle.


Nara’s journey transcends galaxies, transcends real boundaries, and extends into a dark new universe full of mysteries and conflicts. Explore spectacular places such as the vast space station and the strange plains beyond us and experience the thrilling Zerogram dogfight. Spectacular, fast-paced action evolves the spirit of a classic space archer.


Ship drifts, including extrasensory perception, teleportation, and psychokinesis to overcome enemy starfighters, giant battleships, and unknown void entities, while achieving powerful and clear weapons and combat upgrades throughout the game. Learn the mechanics and unique abilities.


Originally announced at the Inside Xbox event last summer, chorus Support Smart Delivery on Xbox family consoles to ensure players get the best experience on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S with a single purchase.


The game is fully designed to take advantage of the Xbox Series X | S hardware, with stunning SF visuals, 4K resolution at 60 fps, advanced enemy ship destruction, high quality volumetric measurements, and more. You can enjoy various environmental effects. chorus You can pre-order Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S from the Xbox Store and it will be available on December 3rd.