Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

When sad, amazing flip grip accessories don’t work with switch OLEDs

Image: Nintendo Life

Old-fashioned Shump fans are one of the best systems to own today, as the Switch is not only home to many great blasters, but can also be played in “TATE” mode with a great flip grip. I’ve been aware of that for a long time. accessories.

With this seemingly simple piece of plastic, you can set the switch to TATE mode and bolt the Joy-Con sideways. You can also enjoy watching the vertical shamp to the fullest.

If you already own FlipGrip and are planning to upgrade to Switch OLED this week, you might expect it to work perfectly with the new model, like many other Switch accessories. Unfortunately, we need to report that this is not the case.

SwitchOLED very It’s the same size as the original switch and a little taller, so you can’t slide it comfortably into the Flip Grip.as if a bit It can slip in with force, but it is believed to cause fairly serious cosmetic damage to the Switch OLED casing. If it’s all the same, there’s no risk of testing that theory. Our Switch OLED review unit is still very shiny!

Thankfully, FlipGrip Creator Mike Choi – The same guy who created the amazing “New Nintendo Switch DS” – tells us he expected this to be the case, and a revised model is under development to tell us is.