Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

When ConnecTank goes on sale today, we’ll bring you a package of big cats with huge tanks.

With a fleet of large horn tanks, shipping tycoon Finias Fatcat is looking for you to help deliver your luggage throughout New Pangaea. Connec Tank Players step into a giant machine and link conveyor belts and craft ammo from rival transport giants to tanks. Drive through the procedurally generated world of the game in single-player mode, or bring up to three friends and round up the Finius glomerulus in co-op on the couch. Connec Tank The wacky world was written by Patrick Baker, the writer of Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show.”After the sneak peak demo as part of [email protected] Summer Game Fest, I’m excited to deliver Connec Tank Today I joined the Xbox One and Series X | S and brought Patrick here to explain how he wrote the humorous story of the game.

Spencer Yip, Director: Connec TankFrom yarn balls to pizza, everything is delivered via a large horn tank. What’s happening

Patrick Baker, Narrative Director: Connec Tank Held in our world of the distant future, New Pangea, all continents have reconnected into one big land. Business in New Pangaea can be terrible, so you need a vehicle that can protect your cargo.In addition, the large horn tank with Super Rad design Awesome.. If you’re a rich businessman and you have an excuse to make a huge, crazy-looking tank with your name on it, you’ll do so too.

Yip: Who are the three giants in the industry where you can work?

Baker: New Pangea’s biggest entrepreneurs are Finius Fat Cat the Fifteens, Sir Luis Longneck of Lewingford, and Emperor Pontius Penguins.

Fat cats are literally figurative fat cats. An unrepentant capitalist, he is reminiscent of the Gilded Age Robber Barons such as Rockefeller, Carnegie and Vanderbilt. He has an old-fashioned attitude and sounds like Theodore Roosevelt when speaking. Sometimes you will drive the parts needed for his factory, or you may drive to go collect a large ball of thread he was a little too enthusiastic about.

Connec Tank

Lord Lewis Longneck of Lewingford is first a patron of the arts and then an heir to the property of the bank. If you are familiar with the Medici family in Florence during the Renaissance, he is similar to them in that he is mainly interested in spending money on paintings, sculptures and museums, but the boringness of running a banking empire. I also need to work. Fortunately, he lets you do those boring jobs for him. You may be driving to collect marble for his next statue, or to save an ice sculpture he might have vowed when he paid it thousands of dollars. You may have been in a hurry.

Finally, there is Emperor Pontius Penguins. The Penguins revolutionized the tundra, where they defeated the royal leader, the prince of the whale.When he defeated the prince, he promised to build a just and impartial society in which tundra workers unite. For the glory of the tundra!! You may be collecting his phone (which he left for Uber) or just picking up his black tie. Don’t be as surprised as the Penguins are wearing black ties.

Yip: How was it writing for ConnecTank? How is it different from writing a TV show?

Baker: Seems like a good time to note that Spencer contacted me Connec Tank I was a writer for Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show” and other anime shows.He has a world Connec Tank It feels a little eccentric and surreal, so I think the experience at the “regular show” was perfect. I’ve always loved video games and wanted to write for them, so I’m very happy that Spencer asked me to join the team.

Connec Tank

One of the differences is that player decisions and agencies can actually change the way the story unfolds in a video game. Television and movies are very linear. Each story always has a beginning, middle, and end, and is always displayed in this order. Some games are like this too. This is not the case for branch dialogs, open worlds, or games with multiple endings.

of Connec Tank, Players can always choose which mission to perform with which character. This means that players can interact with what I write completely out of the order I can expect. Also, if a player really loves working with Fat Cat but hates working with Longneck (I don’t know why he hates it, he’s nice), interacting with the world in the version I had to consider what it would be like. Of games where the long neck wasn’t the main player in New Pangea. resulting in, Connec Tank The mission spreadsheet was full of all sorts of stories that could only be displayed if a particular leader had great power or no power at all.

Connec Tank

This also leads to other things to consider when writing for games that you don’t need to consider when writing for TV. There may be a series of dialogues or missions you have written that players will never see. Unless someone falls asleep in the middle of my TV episode, they will see everything I wrote. This is not always the case in games. You may be asked if you are disappointed as a writer. On the contrary, I think it’s really exciting. I love being able to always find new things that were previously hidden.I really want the player to keep playing Connec Tank Over and over again to make sure they found all the stories I wrote. I am very honored to do that.

Thanks for giving me insights about Connec TankStory, Patrick! Connec Tank Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.follow @ConnecTank Get the latest news on Twitter and let us know if you’re driving for Finias Fatcat, Sir Lewis Longneck, or Emperor Pontius Penguins.

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Making a delivery is never an easy task. But do you throw in a huge, unique and destructive tank that you have to fight in the mix? That’s the life of Finias Fatcat XV, one of New Pangea’s top tycoons, as a new courier! Fortunately, when you go out for delivery, you will have your own huge sized tank. Connect a conveyor belt and blow up enemy tanks with ammunition created during the battle. Fund new ammo and gizmo and defeat even the scariest tanks! If you collect parts from the defeated tanks, you will be able to use those tanks as well! What do I need to be a top Finneas Fat Cat fixer? And would you like to spread his name and wealth even more widely? Finius relies on you, old beans! – Join the battle alone or bring up to 3 friends for 4 co-op actions via local multiplayer or remote play together! – Featuring a humorous story written by Patrick Baker, famous for his regular shows. – Undertake over 100 missions where no two playthroughs will be the same. – Break the competition with over 70 unlockable tanks with a variety of ammunition and abilities.