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Today is the 15th anniversary of NBA Live 08 on Wii. We do not understand why there was no national holiday or organized street parade for this great game. Of course, it’s not all that great. The game, for all intents and purposes, objectively badand yet there are so many people who unabashedly like this writer, regardless of its flaws.

Now this got us thinking — what’s our favorite game that everyone else seems determined to be bad at? There’s no room for the phrase “guilty” here . — but we operate along the same lines.

Below, a group of our writers enter the gaming confessional booth to discuss games they still love despite better judgment. Like what you can’t do, each entry discusses one of the most controversial top games and gives you reasons why we love it.

Such deep diving practice means we don’t want to be alone with our confessions. you You can also participate! Why not leave a comment below and pick a bad game you can’t help but see how it matches up with others? Happy reading!

Pokémon Dash – Jim Norman, Staff Writer

pokemon dash
Image: The Pokémon Company

After all, not all the games I like are “good games,” so I had to turn to the internet to find my picks?

I was surprised to see slander It was dealt in large numbers against Pokemon Dash, and what is the reason?

Browsing the list of the worst Nintendo titles, I was shocked. slander It was heavily dealt against Pokemon Dash and why? Was it because it was a Pokemon themed racer? Is constant touchscreen swipe control waiting for carpal tunnel syndrome to break out? At first glance, yes. all of the above.

Glad to be able to flag such a neglected title positively, I have so many memories playing this game. It was a lot of fun and took full advantage of the DS’s hardware capabilities. The fact that you can only play as Pikachu in single player mode was also phenomenal for me. The limited selection didn’t peel off my teeth.

I understand the reason for your complaint (but Metacritic score of 46 It annoys me), but nothing beats my nostalgia.

Resident Evil 6 – Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

resident evil 6
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil 6 and I didn’t get off to the best start in our relationship. Are Leon and Chris in the same game? goodDriving a tank through the streets of Edonia? Hmm… Then the demo came out and I thought straight, “No, this is terrible”.

[Resident Evil 6] In hindsight it feels like a natural evolution of what came before it

But time is a great healer.Sixth Main Line Resident Evil teeth Inferior to Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. No doubt about it.But ten years after its release, I still absolutely love it for what it is. ruddy fun!

In hindsight, this game feels like a natural evolution of its predecessor.But while Resident Evil 5 blatantly copied the gameplay and overall structure of its predecessor, Resident Evil 6 featured his four unique campaigns and perhaps number one An iteration of the “mercenary” mode the franchise has seen before.

Misplaced here and there? absolutelyBut those who scoff at it for its emphasis on action over horror need to take another step back and realize that seeds were planted in the franchise from the very beginning. Resident Evil 6 was just that culmination.

Bioshock Infinite – Kate Gray, Staff Writer

bioshock infinite
Image: 2K Games

Bioshock Infinite. please listen.

I know it’s a well-made AAA game, and it gets a lot of good reviews, but these days, the general consensus is that it’s an incredibly clumsy take on real-world problems, and the final Essentially, you fail the pass by forgetting what it was. For the record, I agree. Bioshock Infinite’s racist plot horribly Awful, eventually shrugging and saying, “Well, actually, maybe Everyone I do not condone that, nor do I condone the gross use of racist stereotypes to characterize and caricature its villains.

I still think that underneath all the ugliness of Bioshock Infinite is a great game hidden.

That said, I think there’s a great game hidden beneath all the ugliness of Bioshock Infinite. It’s beautiful — those skies, its environmental design, the inclusion of real-world songs that reflect an alternate universe guided by an isolationist religion — and especially Elizabeth and her adopted messed-up family, or ongoing Time, quantum mechanics, repetitive threads.

Do the twins Lutes act as strange, ethereal guides, always hinting at the true nature of things before you realize it? wonderfulRepurpose ’80s bop as an outdated ragtime waltz cover? inspiredA memorial to Elizabeth’s murdered mother and a requiem score to her eventual resurrection as a ferocious banshee? Chef kiss. I mean, they ruined it by making it a wave battle, but atmosphereI wish Irrational had stuck with cool ghosts and left out more things like “Philosophy 1st year has an opinion on racism and religion!” thing.

Star Fox Zero – Gonzalo Lopez, reviewer

star fox zero
Image: Nintendo

It’s common for established Nintendo franchises to divide their fan base into diametrically opposed ones, and more often if that franchise was established before this century. Admiration from new fans and ire from old fans is sure to follow whenever you take a classic and put an unexpected new twist on the series. Several games come to mind that fit this pattern. While some are universally panned by critics and gamers, I often find something worth pursuing in those games. The latest culprit on our list: Star Fox Zero.

i admit [Star Fox Zero’s] The flaw and the fear of how it could jeopardize the future of the upcoming series…but I can’t deny it remains one ride

Star Fox 64 tweaked the on-rails format set in the Super Nintendo original, and Star Fox Assault put a Namco flavor into the mix. This GameCube entry would also be a good candidate entry for this Talking Point feature, but puns permitting, it was Miyamoto and PlatinumGames’ latest take on the franchise to “derail things.”

The ultimate Star Fox experience in high definition is something I (and I’m sure every fan of the franchise) has always dreamed of. ground battle. The Wii U was more than capable of delivering this graphics prowess (and it did!), but sadly, the game’s design philosophy, which Miyamoto encouraged throughout development, left the game untouched. Some parts were seriously undermined due to inaccuracies in controls and, in many cases, inaccuracies in how they were operated. It didn’t feel natural for a more casual player to get used to controlling a vehicle in such an alien way.

I love the franchise and I love Star Fox Zero, but I stand alone among my Nintendo peers who consider this entry the weakest game in the entire series. I fear how it will jeopardize the future of the series going forward.

Yoshi’s Island DS – Mitch Vogel, reviewer

Yoshi's Island DS
Image: Nintendo

My favorite is Yoshi’s Island DS. The Yoshi’s Island series has been marked by many highs and lows (mostly lows, let’s be honest), which is why discussions of Nintendo’s biggest mistakes feature this game so often. I see

I think Yoshi’s Island DS should be remembered more nostalgically

Personally, I really enjoyed the baby switching mechanic and felt it added a lot to the core gameplay. The game spanning two screens also led to a fun and interesting level design unlike any other. Trying to get this game to 100% is a real pain, but I even enjoyed the process.

I’ve grown to have a morbid respect for Yoshi’s Island DS, putting the original release and Woolly World way above this, but people love Yoshi’s Island DS more I think you should remember

Phew, it certainly feels good to take it off our chests! Why not join the discussion? Leave a comment below with your favorite bad game to overcome your shame!