Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Whatever: Japan’s “Nintendo-kon” trend, because two Nintendo advertising stars were caught

© Nintendo

Today, we gather here to get a daily dose of Nintendo’s healthy food. Yesterday, a celebrity bride and groom started a happy life of marriage, and “Nintendo-kon” became popular, and Twitter in Japan was buzzing everywhere. What does it mean? What does this have to do with Nintendo? Is this a new Joy-Con controller or console or something else?

Well, no. Obviously not.As mentioned before Kosaku, The two newlyweds in question-singer Hoshino Ken and actor Yui Aragaki-both appeared in a recent Nintendo advertisement in the company’s hometown, where “Nintendo-kon” translates to “Nintendo marriage.” Yes, two beautiful Nintendo guys are tying the knot, not a new extension of the Labo Toy-Con series.

This couple is obviously TV series A few years ago, love clearly blossomed- may The mutual love help for all things about Nintendo. Hey, all these couch co-op games bring people together, right?

If you are not familiar with their work, you may remember Hoshino, who was a single played on TV by artist Nintendo last year to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, which included His song “Create”. Niigaki City has been in “Suitable for Traveling Adventures and Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and ” The latter’s official website in Japan Highlight her (and her cat) characteristics.