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Yes. It’s Christmas or a holiday giving your birthday or other gift, and you were just presented with Mario and a numbered shiny plastic piece on it. Alternatively, the alphanumerical code is printed or scrolled onto the card. When you ask your parents / loved ones / gift givers what you should do with this, they answer, “It’s a gift card, you’re unfriendly.”

Yes, this little Nintendo-approved material is pretending to be money and can be used to buy the real thing at the Nintendo Switch eShop.

But … what is the best way to spend this money? Which switch game is worth buying given the rigorous denominations you have been lovingly given?

If you don’t have a wishlist yet, or if you have a game that you wanted to buy but are missing $ 5, you can probably provide some recommendations. Below is a detailed guide on the types of high quality Switch games available on the most popular Nintendo eShop credit units.

Switch Game Suggestions-What to Buy with a Switch eShop Gift Card?

Note. For more information on each title, we recommend clicking to read the reviews for each game. They’re all great, but if you look down on puzzle games, something like Picross pushes you to the wall, regardless of quality!

Switching games for less than $ 5

$ 5
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Don’t be disappointed if you open a gift to find $ 5 with gift card money. many You can get on the Switch eShop for only $ 5 (or less!). Be careful with the sale, as many games are sold at 90% off and have fallen into just a handful of loose changes. Great games like Inside, Unravel Two, and FAR: Lone Sails have all cost less than $ 5 in the past, but bet money (about $ 5) to be re-sold. DekuDeals Is an invaluable tool for accurately tracking what is on sale.

However, if you can’t wait for the sale, you can start with a game or app that doesn’t cost anything at all. Fortnite, PokémonUnite, Warframe, YouTube and Twitch are all in the eShop and haven’t cut below $ 5 yet!

One game everytime For less than $ 5, we recommend the following:

Switching games for less than $ 10

10 dollars
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Of course, you can buy everything the same as a $ 5 gift card with a $ 10 gift card from the eShop, but the price has risen a bit, giving you more options.

Again, watch out for Ni no Kuni: White Witch Wrath (a great $ 50 game that you often get for just $ 10 during the sale) and good, goofy Katamari Reroll games. please. The aesthetically pleasing, Zelda-inspired Okami HD, whether you like it on the Wii or have never played it, often costs less than $ 10.

But for games with a list price of less than $ 10, here are some of the best.

  • Working UFO (HAL Laboratory’s heartfelt underrated, adorable gem)
  • Short hike (award-winning healthy adventure game)
  • Drawful 2 (Jackbox party game highlights, hits with friends and family)
  • Oxenfree (Creepy, Bending, Mysterious Story Adventure)
  • Picross S6 (This is Picross, an addictive number-based puzzle game. See also S, S2, S3, etc.)

Switching games for less than $ 20

$ 20
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Now we are starting to use more powerful cards, which can give you some prestigious indie. It’s very difficult to narrow down these to the best, so it’s a good idea to go to an e-shop and filter by price to see what’s there. a lot Many really good little studios cost games around $ 20.

Still, we’re challenging, so here’s a guide by category for less than $ 20:


Reference: Best Nintendo Switch “Walking Simulator” and Narrative Games

Platformer / Metroidvania

reference: Best Nintendo Switch 2D Platformrs, Best Nintendo Switch Metroid Vania Game

Relax M-up

Roguelike and roguelike games

See also: Nintendo Switch’s best roguelike games, roguelike games, run-based games

Action-Adventure / RPG

See: Best Nintendo Switch RPG


Reference: Best Nintendo Switch Strategy Game


Reference: Best Nintendo Switch Party Game

But you can Instead Spending that $ 20 on a one-year Nintendo Switch Online subscription also gives you access to NES games, a library of SNES games, and a week-long free trial of popular new games. You can also play free online battle royale style games such as Tetris99 and Pac-Man99. That’s not a bad thing, especially if you’re interested in exploring classic retro titles.

You will definitely find Something You are having fun there! Good luck!

Switching games for less than $ 35

$ 35
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Again, take a look at the previous suggestions, see some games you can enjoy, and pay attention to your sales. However, you can also get unprecedented classic games and bumper packs in this category. Multiple games.


Adventure / RPG

Roguelike and roguelike games

Party / cooperation

Platformer / Metroidvania

Action / shooting game

Switching games for less than $ 50

$ 50
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For example, you’ll definitely get a game for less than $ 20 and a game for less than $ 15, but if you need something more powerful, there are some recommendations that cost a little more. e-shop.

For some reason, the currently available denominations for e-shop gift cards will be $ 45 — the $ 50 ones seem hard to come by — but these games are handy for an additional $ 5. Worth putting in:

Switching games for less than $ 70

$ 70
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Apparently, there are no easily available eShop gift cards between $ 45 and $ 70. So if you’re 60 and want to spend $ 1 a year, you’re out of luck. I’m sorry — unless you want to buy three $ 20 gift cards, that is.

But $ 70 is when we started to enter the real blockbuster and Nintendo premium games (which unfortunately tend to be sold very rarely). Check out the “Best Switch Games Ever” guide or find one of the “Best of” genres in your favorite genre, as there are plenty of tons available in the e-shop for $ 70.

If that seems like a daunting task, here is our ultimate choice:


Adventure / RPG

Action / shooting game




Multiplayer / party


Of course, you can also spend that dosh on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. This offers all the benefits of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription (NES games, SNES games, online play, free trials) and Nintendo 64 games. , Sega Genesis games, and — Animal Crossing: If you own a New Hawaii — access to the amazing Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Most of these games are $ 60, so spend an extra $ 10 on A Short Hike, Picross, Part Time UFO, etc., or get a DLC for the game with it.

Switching games for less than $ 100

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Well, buddies, this is … all of them. If you’re lucky and you can get $ 100 with an eShop gift card, the world is your oyster! Buuuut, as you asked us, we have put together some bundles that will surely satisfy you. Just choose the bundle that works best for you.

A story that makes you cry

  • Hades + Spiritfarer + Chicory: A colorful story

Murder and mystery

  • Ace Attorney Turn About Collection + Outboard! + Tangle Tower

Deep story, big feelings

  • DiscoElysium-Final Cut + Forest Night + Oxenfree + Edith Finch Wreckage

Action classic

  • DOOM + Hotline Miami Collection + DOOM Eternal

Vast fantasy RPG

  • Skyrim / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + Dragon’s Dogma

Roguelike and roguelike games

  • Hades + Slay the Spire + Dead Cells + Enter the Gungeon

The brilliance of strategy

  • Fire Emblem: Three House + Into the Bleach + Invisible Ink

Play with friends

  • Overcooked 2 + Drawful 2 + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Play forever

  • Minecraft + Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Relax and zone out

  • Stardew Valley + Short Hiking + Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Challenging platform

  • Celeste + Ori and the Blind Forest + Super Mario Odyssey

A better sequel than the original

  • The will of Metroid Dread + Ori and Wisp

Of course, this is subject to change and is highly game affecteds you already have. Even if you have a limited budget, the world is really a Switch oyster. Therefore, the above suggestions are really just a starting point.

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