Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

What to expect from Xbox in 2022

With the first anniversary of the Xbox Series X and S consoles, the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand, the release of the best-in-class Forza Horizon 5, and the ridiculously fun Halo Infinite launch, Microsoft has done a lot. Celebrate towards the end of 2021. Phil Spencer and his friends aren’t yet keen on letting the balloons down and ending the party. With 2022 packed tightly, it’s easy to see why they want to continue the celebration. to go. Here’s what you can expect from Microsoft and its host, Xbox Game Studios, over the next 12 months:

Xbox has games

One way to maintain momentum is to focus on what brought Microsoft a strong ending in 2021. This is a great game. And one element of the 2022 slate is to continue to support these great games from 2021.

Halo is back and arguably better than ever, but the most exciting thing about Infinite is that it’s just getting started. From 2022 Halo developer 343, much more is expected, including the addition of co-operatives to the campaign and the popular Forge mode for fans. Multiplayer, of course, will receive regular updates, whether it’s a new map, mode, or a further improvement to the Battle Pass progress system that was previously the only real sign for its name.

Within a week of its launch, Forza Horizon 5 saw over 10 million players engrossed in Playground’s stunning portrayal of Mexico. The studio has a good track record of consistently providing high quality DLC to its former Holidays, so you can expect to see some of it in the coming months.

Next is Bethesda, a small indie company that Microsoft bought in March 2021 for $ 7.5 billion. Currently, in 2022, two Bethesda Xbox exclusives, Red Fall and Starfield, are planned. The former is Arkane’s open-world co-op vampire shooter and aspires to recreate the critic praise received at Deathloop, a candidate for the 2021 Game of the Year. Breaking away from the studio’s traditional single-player campaign focused on the past, Redfall will be a new challenge for Arkane, but some of the most mechanically sound and smartly designed games in recent memory. There is no reason to doubt the studio as it has a history of creating.

Starfield is Bethesda Game Studio’s new series for the first time in 25 years. A vast odyssey that Todd Howard himself described as “the skyrim of the universe.” It’s currently scheduled for release on November 11, 2022, but little is really known about what Starfield will do. That’s one of the reasons why Starfield is so exciting. Howard makes fun of us by exploring the unknown, offering unparalleled freedom, and even calling it “the greatest and most spectacular science fiction we can imagine.” If Starfield is doing everything it can, the Xbox may have the greatest exclusivity ever.

Returning to the world of Forza, perhaps in 2022, the wiser brother of his brother will return. Revealed at the 2020XboxGamesShowcase with a soft reboot of Forza Motorsport from Turn 10 Studios. can Get ready to occupy that place on the starting grid towards the end of next year. Built from scratch for the Series X and S consoles, a trailer in the engine will surely delight your eyes.

For others that look stunning visually, Senua’s Saga: Helblade 2, a follow-up to the acclaimed Ninja Theory of Senua’s Sacrifice, seems to make the most of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. .. Gameplay has recently been unveiled at the Game Awards, and there are signs that development is on track. Again, another game I’d like to play in 2022, but I’m not sure at this point.

Get started with some of the amazing games please do not Will drop in the next 12 months. Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl is currently scheduled for release on April 28th. First in a series of four games released on the console, Stalker 2 brings an army of cult-original enthusiastic fans. This post-apocalyptic survival FPS may not laugh in the blink of an eye, but it’s one of the more tense games coming out in 2022, and the Series X will be another opportunity to bend its powerful tech line. There is no mistake.

If you haven’t been able to fill the first-person survival horror just by being there for the past few years, Xbox really covers you. The battle against the award-winning stalker of the most moody game is Scorn, a biopunk adventure inspired by HR Giger. If it sounds like a nice vacation to feel creepy and play as a skinless humanoid fighting scary creatures on the alien planet, I’ve got the game for you. Originally scheduled to be released in 2021, it was released in October 2022 due to a delay.

The best 25 original Xbox games ever

CrossfireX features a free-to-play multiplayer in the Counter-Strike stream developed by Korean developer Smilegate, and a single-player campaign designed by Finnish Max Payne and Control creator Remedy. If Finn could bring some of their unique storytelling talent to the table here, when the Xbox drops in February, it could show up as an Xbox surprise hit.

When Rhea is constantly improving and not spending time adding unexpected treats to the Sea of ​​Thieves, he’s busy making Everwild. It’s a unique and stunning look proposal, which is still largely mysterious. Now that it was revealed more than two years ago, perhaps 2022 may even be the time to properly examine and play the secrets that Everwild holds. But it’s difficult to develop, and we’re holding our breath for now, with rumors swirling that it’s likely to be released in 2023.

However, not everything needs to work on such a large scale. After being at the forefront of the indie game boom in the early 2000s, the peak of the summer of arcades, the Xbox hasn’t had as many indie-only products as its own these days compared to its competitors. But in 2022 you may see that momentum slow down.

Somerville is a new studio Jumpship mystery platformer created by former Playdead co-founder Dino Patti. With so much pedigree coming from working on indie classics such as Limbo and Inside, Somerville promises to do the same. A tunic is a great-looking adventure that plays like a fox in a magical quest. It naturally depicts a comparison of many The Legend of Zelda, as both heroes wear green costumes and hold swords to solve puzzles. If so, no one can save the world from a drink box studio traditionally tailored to the PlayStation. A top-down dungeon crawler that includes all the charm and characters you would expect from the people behind Guacamelee! game.

All of these games will find the way to the Xbox Game Pass. This is arguably the best deal in the game at the moment, and all of these are exclusive to the Xbox console coming next year. Smörgåsboard is a great looking third party game such as Elden Ring, Dying Light 2, Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights, but there are several games planned for 2022. It’s also possible with the Series X version of Cyberpunk 2077.

Hardware and services

Of course, you must own either an Xbox Series X or S to play some of these games. It hasn’t been the easiest since these consoles were launched. In the gaming industry, the shortage of consoles isn’t new, especially right after the launch of the new generation, but this time it was harder to get. The lack of components and the constant pandemics, of course, pose unprecedented challenges. We hope that for all accounts, things will be easier only from here.

But for those who are still waiting to get a new generation, xCloud is here to save the day. Xbox Cloud Gaming allows PC, phone, and tablet users to enjoy Xbox actions without actually owning a console. Recently added as a service to your Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This means that in 2022 you will be able to play all of the games mentioned above without having to own a console. It’s interesting to see how cloud gaming will evolve in the next 12 months, but with Xbox Cloud Gaming, the future feels like it’s already here.

You can immerse yourself in the muddy sea of ​​NFTs, but it’s one of the things you’re unlikely to see right away from your Xbox. In a recent interview with Axios, Phil Spencer described in-game non-fungible tokens as “feeling more exploitative than entertainment.” Big publishers like Ubisoft and EA may be heading in this direction, but it’s no exaggeration to say that in 2022 there will be no Master Chief NFT in the Xbox store.

With a myriad of great-looking games underway and a huge number of viewer-friendly services continuing to flourish, 2022 is becoming the perfect time to become an Xbox player. Beyond all this, the future filled with Xbox and its stable and impressive studio looks bright. On the horizon are Fable, Avowd, The Outer Worlds 2, State of Decay 3, Perfect Dark, Indiana Jones, and The Elder Scrolls 6. If you have any of these, you’re certainly surprised (and I can’t hear you complaining). It was scheduled to appear next year, but the promise to meet more people is exciting enough. And that might be the best thing about being an Xbox player for now-I don’t think the excitement will end soon.

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