Sunday, September 19th, 2021

What is the Nintendo Club you cherish the most? -Features

It is good to accumulate points to save money on Switch eShop purchases, but Nintendo’s current reward system for loyal customers can be said to lack the charm of the old Nintendo Club era.

This is not to say that the recent My Nintendo physical product is badIn fact, the loot you can now exchange for platinum coins is very similar to the lower-level products you will find when browsing the old star catalog. Who doesn’t like the beautiful Splatoon 2 poster or the 2021 card calendar?

Before transforming into the current My Nintendo guide, Club Nintendo started living in Europe as a VIP 24:7 in 2002, and then switched to the same Club Nintendo brand as Japan during the Wii era. At the same time, fans of Nintendo in North America will not see the arrival of loyalty services until 2008. It certainly has quite a few things to waste your points-how we sympathize with the poor people who waste their star points on digital wallpapers! -But it also has some very special exclusive The same goes for items, including sweet figurines and even games (Hello Game and Watch Collection and Tingle’s Balloon Battle).

We decided to ask our employees and contributors to find out their favorite Club Nintendo treasures in the past.For example, at the top of the page, you can see NLife editor overlord Damien McFerran’s brilliant Play and watch the ball, Nintendo’s first Game & Watch in 1980, re-released ten years ago.

Of course, this is a difficult behavior to follow. Read on to learn about our other employee options…

Kate Gray, contributing writer

When I came back to the change, I was a fool of the loyalty card program. I acquired all the games by buying and trading as soon as possible, and in the process, I accumulated veritable Nintendo Club points. God, the reward is good. When the transparent, shiny playing cards came out, I almost broke the “order” button, and I even brought them to Canada, even though they were too precious to use.

They are like a badge of honor; I don’t know how rare they are, but they make me feel like a collector. When I was 80, I would show them to my grandchildren and say, “A long time ago, there was a man named Mario…Of course, they killed him in 2021, but before that , He is an idol”.

Zion Grassl, video producer

Over the years, I have a considerable number of good things provided by Nintendo Club in exchange for our ideas, but for me, nothing is more useful than these DS/3DS cartridge cases! I have collected some unhealthy DS games, most of which have original boxes and manuals, but the few games I own without boxes remain in these boxes until I can pair them with the original plastic houses.

Each game can hold a total of 18 games, and they are exactly the same size as a standard DS case, so they are placed on the shelf like gloves! Whenever I go hunting or participate in a retro game show, I keep them in my backpack in case I choose a new bulk trolley for my collection, or someone has some boxes to trade me! These two boxes also have different artwork inserts, but honestly, I will never change the legendary Zelda artwork I have now!

Next, Alan revealed that he also cherishes his Zelda DS trolley bag; he is only objectively better than the previous one. Sorry Zion! …

Alan Lopez, contributing writer

When I participated in E3 for the first time in 2014, I wandered aimlessly in the lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center and saw a strange and familiar figure passing by me from the corner of my eye. Like being stimulated/reacted, my brain told my mouth to shout: “Mr. Aonuma?” The man stopped, turned around, and stared at me. At that moment, I never realized something harder than then: I realized that I couldn’t speak Japanese.

Fortunately, I remember that there was a Zelda item in my laptop bag: a Club Nintendo 3DS case. Before he could turn around, I reached into my bag, took out the box, and handed it to him, as well as a marker that just happened to be used. He took the case, nodded at me, and signed it. Almost immediately, random performers walking by us began to notice this scene, and they also began to make Zelda objects from their bodies for him to sign.

The 3DS case I signed is still my little secret, hidden in my collection. Similarly, a little-known fact is that people who count the relevant numbers obviously must keep the Zelda memorabilia on them at all times, just in case.

Gavin Lane, editor

I have never received a large amount of Club Nintendo loot, maybe because I never seem to quite Enough points to get real good things.Nevertheless, I have always liked the appearance of the high-quality trinkets and brand gadgets provided, and now when I monitor other NL staff, I will be very jealous Treasures of the past On my twitter.

Except for my Japanese version of Tingle’s Balloon Fight (I bought it online, not made money By scraping off the foil from the Star Points card), one of my precious Club Nintendo possessions is a coin commemorating the year of Luigi, which is housed in a beautiful soft case with a logo printed on the side. This is a very important little thing — of course it’s useless — but of all the things related to video games around my house, this is a gadget. I always take a moment to check and check it out whenever I’m When I touched it, hand. It will never make a big smile on my face.

Oli Reynolds, critic

I have always liked excellent video game soundtracks, when CD was still a thing (‘Watch Diss’, you said..? Curious…), when browsing Club Nintendo products, they are always my first glance. The Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack is a 2-disc buffet consisting of all the wonderfully arranged tracks in the game; I once heard popular titles such as “Space Junk Road”, “Gusty Garden Galaxy” and “Buy Base Galaxy” while doing Uni homework Song, let me tell you, that soundtrack helped me through some stressful times!

Ryan Craddock, news editor

I am lucky to have some of the good Club Nintendo things I have collected over the years, so choosing only one is a very difficult task. Obviously “all this” is not in line with the spirit of this article, so I will choose this lovely Nintendo Sound Selection-Endings and Credits soundtrack.

As the name suggests, the two CDs included contain many songs released by Nintendo over the years, which are played during the production of each game.It has classics like Super Mario 64 and Super Metroid, and even some like Tomodachi Life and StreetPass Quest II everything. There is a cute little book inside, telling you about each featured game, it can be used as a great background music. Lovely things.

Miss your time when you joined the “club”? Do you like things other than the treasures listed above? Tell us in the comments below your favorite items from the Club Nintendo era-even the items you recently acquired from the My Nintendo store.