Friday, September 17th, 2021

What are you playing this weekend? (August 7th)-Talking points

Nintendo’s world passed another 7 days.Last week, the “Angry Street” series celebrated its 30th anniversary. Nintendo updated investors with the latest quarterly financial results. Both New Pokémon snapshots and Mario Golf: Super Sprint Receive updates of new content. Prosperity!

After a busy week, it’s time to relax Discuss our weekend game plan. JimmyEmbers from the Nintendo Life team did this work below, so please feel free to read our entry and then add your own entry through our comments section. enjoy!

Thomas Whitehead, Associate Editor

I will return to the long journey of The Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword HD. I have always enjoyed it.Mario Golf: The Super Sprint update actually reminds me of the fun of Super Mario Odyssey, so I possible Start a new Mario adventure.

In addition, if I have time on the upcoming rest day, I will handle the next case in The Great Ace Attorney, try to play some cooperation in The Ascent, and inevitably hone my skills in the new content. Way Major League Baseball Show Because my name is Thomas Whitehead, I am a baseball fan.